Thursday, October 06, 2005

This is the wonderful brain of a parent!! picture ya! There I was surfing around for pictures of brain and came across this cute picture...ironically, I think the parents brain is somewhat like this...the need for rest, general worry and hey, they even have a chocolate center! Hahhaa...oh well, everyone needs some chocolate time off once in a while...talking about brains my darling hubby was nice enough to buy a book on brain games for our baby..actually its just a simple book that shows us games that we take for granted that we play everyday with our children where in fact each games or exercise will help in developing our is only when I read the book that I realise "Hey, I've been doing that...I didn't know it helps in his motor development...hmmm..."

Such an example of what I'm saying is...The 'Where's My Baby?' game...what you'd do is lie on your back and put your baby on your tummy and with your hands firmly around your baby's chest, raise him in the air and up to your face...alah, biasalah game nie, ayah2x selalu suka main2x macam nie ngan anak2x kan...mak2x kadang2x takut skit..hehe..tu kita lah tu....anyway, brain research states that this particular game develops strength and balance where it layes the groundwork for parents out there, don't underestimate those simple baby games or exercise you play with your baby cause it might just be helping your baby's development...