Monday, October 10, 2005

First it was its nano!!

There it not mine...huwaaa...hehee, as if i don't have one...well I don't have this particular one..but I do have a mini..and boy am I thankful for that..what am I talking about? Nano? Mini?, I don't want a mini cooper...I'm talking about the ever so cool Apple inventions and the latest is the iPod Nano!!

Cool ya! I mean first there was the ever so wondeful iPod, a real great device where you can store thousands of mp3 in it..I still remember the first iPod I saw and had a chance to try out, thanks Farul! I was instantly attracted to its design and colour, pure and innocent and then I was amazed with the sound quality of the songs that comes out from this cool device....well, I can't afford an day maybe...but these hands were too eager to own one of its family... and so my darling hubby bought a wonderful pink iPod mini right after I delivered our baby boy...thank you abang! well, not really thank you cause it was paid with my money...haha...but the fact that this little contraption is sitting in my drawer looking nice and pink! I just can't help smilling to myself for actually indulging in buying one...this I must blame again my ex-manager Farul...hehe, sori Farul...but am I so glad I bought it just in time cause at the moment the iPod mini is being phased out and being taken over by iPod Nano...though I must admire its slim design it can never replace my iPod mini as it is in my favourite colour, pink! ...and sad to say iPod nano only has 2 colours, white and black....also, at the moment, it is quite expensive (as if the iPod mini wasn't ya..hmmph...)

Well, welcome home iPod u to bits and will always cherish you...mine! mine! all mine! and to Apple...keep up the good work in inventing wondeful, cool and yummy devices! idup Apple!


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