Monday, October 24, 2005

Anak mama had his first haircut!!

Today Ridhwan has his very first haircut!! (ever since delivery) ...yup, we didn't cukur his hair as we should...we wanted to, but with all the comotion of Ridhwan in the ICU and ward...we just didn't have the time and felt that was something we could later or would not do at all...also, it seems that my brother and I never had our hair cukur I didn't feel that bad not cukur-ing Ridhwan's hair...hehe...

At first my dad wanted to bring some Indian barber to the shop...eeeek, tak mau lah, I can just picture him cutting Ridhwan's hair and then doing that neck massage..."okay, relax yea, kasi longgar..longgar..." Kepraaak!! Your neck has just been 'cracked' to the side...god, it looks scarry and sounds scarry..of course I never had the chance to actually experience it or seeing it for myself, but the stories are pretty scarry to poder about...and so, luckily, there was this Malay shop in Plaza Shah Alam that has a male hairstylist and my hubby had the chance to experience a haircut from him..and with his suggestion, we decided to take Ridhwan much as I was excited to take Ridhwan to the saloon..hehe..can't believe it, my only 4 month baby is going to a saloon!! ....well, I was quite scared and worried, as yelah, potong rambut kan, gunting! tajam! bahaya! but since I was going with my hubby I gathered enough courage to watch my baby boy's hair being cut away by the hairstylists...

Before haircut...

And so, my hubby and I went to the shop...sampai2x aje, we saw that there was no customer at all...well, of course no customer, dah kul 6...sapa lah nak potong rambut around that time...hehee...but, we went ahead with our plan....luckily the guy hairstylist is there...hmm, noticed that his hair is even more blonde than before...anyway, hubby carried Ridhwan and stood while the guy hairstylist took a towel to cover hubby and a clothe, the one that they usually use when they cut hairs, to cover Ridhwan....but I must admit, this has got to be the messiest haircut I have ever seen in my whole life! Hahaha! Hairs was falling all over Ridhwan, on his arm, his ears, his face! His eyes, his much as I'd really like to wipe all the hari away and actually marah gak at the hairstylist, elok2x lah potong rambut anak aku tu, abis muka dia...but his a hairstylist at work, I better not disturb his concentration, as he was also holding a scissors in his hand...hmmm....

Muka tension tengah potong rambut
Bila nak siap potong nie?!!

Anyway, Alhamdulillah the haircut went blood...yup, I was sooo worried that the hairstylist would hurt my baby, don't you dare! but then, when I look at Ridhwan's hair...gee, I miss his cute curly hair....sob...sob...oh well, it was too thick and probably irritating him too....oh well....goodbye cute curly wurly hair.....Well, right after the haircut, I could see that they all rushed out of the shop and closed terus the shop..mana taknya dah 6.30..time to get ready to buka! :o) ...but there I was snapping pictures of Ridhwan outside the shop...for memory sake kan...but there was one time in the shop my heart nearly exploded...Ridhwan's clothes were 'drenched' with his hair and so we decided to change his clothes before we went it is, Ridhwan's hair was a bit wet due to the spraying of water on his hair, to simplify the hair cutting..and the fact that the shop was when I was changing Ridhwan's clothes, he started shivering..but being the once-traumatic mother, I though he was having a seizure like last time!!! But luckily my hubby was calm enough and told me to carry Ridhwan, and thank Allah, that he was ONLY shivering and he was very cold...ya Allah, jantung aku nak terjatuh tadi....I guess when you experience something very traumatic once in your life, you can't help being a bit, what's that word, panicky later on....but Alhamdulillah, the haircut went fine and my baby boy looks more like a boy now...hehe...and so, we have Ridhwan's raya haircut! Baru leh melaram kat Ipoh yea Ridhwan ;o) ....

New hairstyle!!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Pulang ke rahmatullah ... Datin Seri Endon passed away...

Today was a very sad day for Malaysians as our Prime Minister's wife had passed away leaving two children, menantu(s) and also was an even solemn day as it was raining the whole day throughout morning till first I thought it was some silly sms scam that I received from my aunt at around 8.30 a.m. stating that Datin Sri Endon has passed away...I thought yet again another 'got nothing better to do people' out to hurt peoples feeling and cause havoc to everyone...but not until my big brother called my mom right after I told my mom about the sms, that he called to mention that he heard the news on the radio that I was sure that the sms was true rupanya...innalillahirojiun....kepada Allah jua kita kembali..

I was shocked and quite sad actually...I hardly knew her of course, but I always felt that there was some warmth and kindness in her smile and her ways when she was the first lady...I also admired the way, she and Pak Lah was not shy to show their affection towards each other which is sometimes quite rare in our Malay society as the 'orang tua' said it is memalukan aje...but when you think about it, you are married, what is there to be shy about anymore, of course there are batas and places to show your affection, but if people know you are married, I feel there is no need of shyness to show your affection to your spouse as it also shows people and especially family and children that you love one another very much and am not ashamed of that...

It was touching to see that during the live telecast by TV3 at the kompleks Sri Perdana, Nur Farahin Jamsari was sort of speechless at one point when she was commenting or talking about Datin Seri a matter of fact, I felt for her too and sort of felt like crying just like Fara....but I didn't of course, cause then Ridhwan would be wondering why is his mama crying away...Anyway, my deepest and heartfelt condolences to Pak Lah and his family, may Allah bless her soul and may she be placed with the solihins...Insya-Allah...lets take some time to recite Al-Fatihah and also to ponder on our life on this blessed Ramadhan...wallahualam...

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi walking hand in hand with his wife Datin Seri Endon Mahmood as she returns home from Los Angeles at KLIA, Sepang after under going a follow up treatment for breast cancer.

Thousands of Malaysians, including VIPs, royalties, foreign dignitaries, paying the last respects to Datin Seri Endon Mahmood who passed away Thursday at the Prime Minister's official residence in Putrajaya - Starpic

This is a rare moment of Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to the public's eyes as seen here kissing his wife Datin Seri Endon Mahmood upon arriving home from work two days before becoming the Prime Minister. Abdullah sworn in as the 5th Prime Minister on 31 October 2003. - Starpic

Anak adalah amanat dari Allah...

Nowdays every time after we hear the adhan on TV1, there will be clips of pictures and sayings about parents and also touches my heart when one of those days a woman or was it a man, oops, forgot...anyway, he/she said "Anak itu adalah amanat Allah..jaga lah mereka...." and I can't remember what he/she said after that....but that really touches my heart and mind, as when I think again, yes, anak is an amanat from Allah...a gift from Allah, a blessed soul from Allah...and as a parent we must ensure we take really good care of they "ibu bapa lah yang mencorakkan anak itu kerana anak itu adalah seperti kain putih..." ..which is so true too...

So, when i read a blog at Mama Indah's blog about a family loosing a child....i couldn't help crying and recalling back what happend to Ridhwan...the fact that we too rushed to the emergency room...I was crying out Ridhwan's name as I thought that he couldn't breathe when in fact at one time I could see he was turning the same time, Ijan drove like crazy honking and potong-ing every car in sight to reach SJMC on time...and we did...reach in time that is....yet, the fear, the trauma of that day is something that I will never forget and yet I must never forget as that gives me strength and as a reminder that your child is the love of your life and a gift from Allah that you must never take for granted at any time...

And so when reading Mama Indah's blog made me cry again...and also made me look into Ridhwan's cot...looking at my beautiful baby boy sleeping soundly as his heart goes up and down...and how thankful to Allah so much that he is there sleeping in our room and soon I will wake him up for his feeding and he'll be smilling at me with the sweetest smile a mother could ever ask for....mama loves you Ridhwan....may Allah bless you always and may you grow up to be a soleh and wonderful man...hehee...okaylah boy dulu, then man....Insya-Allah...

..below is taken from Mama Indah's blog...

Perginya jantung hati kami
Oleh Ahmad Lutfi Othman
Tuesday, October 18 @ 10:17:58 MYT

Rabu, 5 Oktober, 1 Ramadhan, jam 8.15 pagi. Segalanya berhenti. Deru angin, kicau burung, juga lintasan dan angan-angan. Dengan lembut roh Nurul Syafiqah bt Siti Hawa, 11 tahun, anak kedua kami dipisahkan dari jasadnya sehingga saya, isteri dan tiga putera lainnya, Ahmad Luqman Hakim, Ahmad Ikmal Syafiq dan Umar Mukhtar menyangkanya tertidur nyenyak.

Tragedi tidak bermula Subuh awal puasa itu.
Aturan Ilahi tentang kematian kerap menyentap, mengejutkan lena, memancung cita-cita, namun punya rahsia tersembunyi, yang mungkin tidak terbongkar sampai bila-bila.

Jumaat, 30 September, 12.45 tengahari. Syafiqah telefon dari sekolah. "Akak tertinggal bas, boleh ayah ambil?" Saya terdiam, banyak kerja mesti disiapkan; artikel politik kampus untuk harakahdaily baru setengah jalan. "Akak jalan kaki, ya?" pintas Syafiqah selepas saya membatu.

Semalaman membakar pizza

"Tapi banyak barang kena bawa ni," asaknya tanpa nada mendesak. Hari itu Syafiqah 'menjamu' guru-gurunya dengan juadah pizza masakan ibunya. Semalaman dia menunggu pizza dibakar oven. Sememangnya Syafiqah suka sekali membawa makanan ke sekolah, tidak lama dulu nasi daging.

Sehingga dia mengalah, saya langsung tidak terasa apa-apa bahawa Syafiqah mulai letih dengan demam dan sakit tekak yang dideritainya. Petangnya Syafiqah telefon maklumkan dia dapat tumpang kawannya balik.

Malamnya, apabila sampai depan rumah, lambat pula Syafiqah buka pagar. "Awat lambat?" Saya merungut walaupun cahaya lampu kereta menyerlahkan muka Syafiqah yang pucat.

"Akak cari tudung."

"Malam gelap, tak ada siapa nampak," jawab kebodohan saya.

Ketika itu tidak teringat langsung bahawa Syafiqah kini cukup prihatin dengan aurat. Nak masukkan karung sampah di belakang rumah pun Syafiqah pastikan bertudung dulu.

Set nasi ayam

Sabtu, 1 Oktober, sepatutnya saya tunaikan janji dengan Syafiqah. Selepas tamat UPSR dan PSRA, dua hari sebelum itu, Syafiqah minta set nasi Ayamas.

"RM5 saja ayah. Akak teringin nak makan dengan kawan. Kami jalan kaki pun boleh." Masya-Allah, saya seolah-olah tidak mendengarnya sambil memberi jawapan tidak pasti, "esok ... esok."

Isteri saya, Siti Hawa memberitahu Syafiqah tidak selera makan malam tadi apabila saya minta izin ke KL hadiri mesyuarat penggerak demokrasi bersama Mat Sabu. Nasi goreng kampung dengan sambal belacan kegemarannya hanya ditatap, kemudian disimpan dalam peti sejuk. Saya masih tidak terasa apa-apa sedangkan takdir hanya menunggu masa.

"Ayah pi sekejap aja, sebelum tengahari selesai, nanti malam kita balik kampung," kata saya kepada Syafiqah sambil berjalan ke kereta. Raut muka cerianya seperti terlindung. Saya seakan terlupa Syafiqah anak berjiwa kental, sesekali tidak menunjukkan rasa sakit minta dimanja walaupun sememangnya sedang menderita.

Lewat petang, selepas menukar tayar kereta di Hulu Kelang, memecut laju ke asrama anak sulung kami, Luqman, di SAM 10, Cheras. Aduhai, janji dengan Syafiqah sudah luput.

"Bawa akak ke klinik, tekak makin perit," katanya, juga tanpa menunjukkan rasa sakit.

Masih sempat bermain-main

Klinik famili kami, Dr Mahyuddin Yassin tutup. Saya ke klinik sebelah, dekat Taman Sri Ampang. Semasa menunggu, Syafiqah bermain-main dengan dua anak kecil. Nampak letih tetapi tetap gembira.

Saya berbisik, "Nak balik kampung?" "Ayah baliklah dulu, akak boleh tinggal dengan nenek," balasnya.

Ketika neneknya datang malam itu, kami sudah bersiap nak balik Kedah. Syafiqah tenang saja. Kalau anak lain tentu akan merengek. Emak mentua saya akan membawanya ke hospital periksa darah, takut-takut denggi.

Dalam perjalanan kami dimaklumkan Syafiqah tidak diserang demam maut itu. Lega. Melalui SMS, dan itu kali pertama Syafiqah menggunakannya, dia bertanya, "ayah di mana?" Sambil melintasi Taiping, saya menjawab. Selang beberapa lama nada SMS berbunyi, juga dari Syafiqah, soalan sama, di samping memberitahu dia muntah.

5 pagi, kami sampai di Kampung Raja, Kubang Pasu. Saya maklumkan kepada Syafiqah. Kemudiannya kami diberitahu Syafiqah malam itu asyik sembang dengan neneknya, maklumkan kandungan SMS.

Ahad, pagi ke petang (begitu juga Isnin) temujanji saya padat di Alor Setar, Syafiqah terus SMS. "Mulut akak pahit, nak buat macamana." Saya menjawab, dan Syafiqah bertanya hal lain pula. Sehingga malam baru saya sedari SMS tadi rupanya "gagal dihantar". Ya Allah, rupanya Syafiqah terus menunggu dan menunggu ...

Selasa pagi kami berangkat pulang. Walaupun jangkanya dapat bertolak sebelum jam 10, tapi disebabkan singgah banyak rumah saudara-mara, itu pun tidak sempat menziarahi pusara bonda Aisyah (sesuatu yang tidak pernah saya tinggalkan jika balik kampung), menjelang 1 tengahari baru kami keluar ke Pekan Tunjang, seterusnya ke Lebuhraya Utara Selatan.

Di rumah neneknya, Syafiqah makin lemah tidak berselera makan, dan asyik menyebut nama ayah dan ibunya. Tapi bicaranya tetap ramah, suaranya masih bertenaga. Kami solat Maghrib di R&R Sg Buloh. Syafiqah desak saya jemput. Sekali lagi, ayah yang tidak mengerti perasaan anak di hujung usia itu, minta tangguh esoknya, atas alasan letih.

Celoteh bersama Luqman

Syafiqah berkeras. Dia menggesa nenek dan pamannya hantar segera ke Bukit Ampang. Ketika Syafiqah tiba, saya keletihan di katil. Namun terdengar juga celotehnya dengan Luqman. Dia bercerita tentang bagaimana darahnya diperiksa. Saya dimaklumkan kemudiannya, Luqman pun tidak memberikan respons sewajarnya, juga kerana letih dan mengantuk.

Awal pagi terdengar Syafiqah asyik masuk keluar bilik air, muntah. Ibunya berlari-lari anak menyantuni, antara Syafiqah dan adik kecilnya, Nurin Afifah, 2 tahun, yang juga terbatuk-batuk. Setengah jam sebelum Subuh kami sekeluarga di meja makan, bersahur, termasuk Syafiqah.

"Fiqah tak payah posalah," kata saya. Ampun Tuhan, suara suara agak tinggi minta Syafiqah kembali tidur dan berehat, kebetulan kerusi di meja makan tidak cukup untuk semua kami.

7.45 pagi, 1 Ramadhan, isteri mengejutkan lena saya. Syafiqah menjerit: "Ibu, sakit! Ibu, sakit! Dari atas saya mendengar suara Syafiqah cukup kuat, tidak pernah dia menjerit selantang itu.

Melihat keadaannya, jantung saya berdegup kencang. Taqdir makin dekat. Tahu ibunya menyidai basuhan, Syafiqah bersuara, agak perlahan: "Dahlah ibu, suruh abang sidai kain, akak sakit ni."

Kuatnya semangat Syafiqah

Tapi bicara Syafiqah masih jelas, dia sendiri minta ke hospital. Saya renung matanya, langsung tidak berair, maknanya dia hanya menjerit bukan menangis. Ya Allah, kuatnya semangat anakku ini. Sememangnya sejak malam tadi saya berkira untuk ke hospital pagi-pagi esoknya.

Namun, saya dan Siti langsung tidak terlintas Syafiqah akan berangkat ke alam lain, meninggalkan fitnah dunia. Rupanya Siti sudah memandi dan membersihkan tubuhnya.

"Bagai bayi saya mandikan Syafiqah, cuci rambutnya. Nampak kakinya kuning, tubuhnya sejuk, tapi langsung tidak terbayang dia mahu pergi selamanya," cerita Siti kemudiannya kepada kawan-kawan yang menziarahi.

8.00 pagi. Suara Syafiqah tetap jelas bila meminta saya memapahnya keluar dari bilik solat. Bersama Siti, saya menuntunnya ke ruang tengah. Selepas didudukkan, saya perhatikan wajahnya seolah-olah tanpa darah. Ketika itu baru lintasan hati mengilhamkan sesuatu yang pedih dan perit.

Syafiqah masih sempat minta saya papahnya ke kerusi panjang di depannya, mungkin dia mau berbaring. Saya cuba mengangkatnya tapi tidak terdaya, Syafiqah terasa berat.

Semasa sibuk mengemas untuk ke Hospital Ampang Puteri - 4 km dari rumah kami - saya, Siti dan anak-anak terpandang Syafiqah seperti menarik nafas panjang, dua kali. Lehernya terlentok.

Subhanallah, janji Allah sudah sampai. Mata saya dan Siti berpandangan, namun kami tidak sempat memberi reaksi lain kecuali mempercepatkan Syafiqah ke hospital.

Terasa hangat

Hati saya berkata-kata sambil cuba menatang tubuh Syafiqah yang masih terasa hanatnya. Selepas menghidupkan enjin kereta saya memanggil jiran sebelah, William, sama-sama mengangkat Syafiqah.

Berkali-kali namanya dipanggil. Syafiqah nampak seperti nyenyak tidur. Dalam kelam-kabut itu saya pandangan saya letak ke wajah Siti, ibu yang mengandungkan Syafiqah dan Syafiqah membesar di depannya sehingga menginjak usia 11 tahun.

Harapan ibu tetap tinggi. Sambil memangkunya di kerusi belakang, Siti tidak putus-putus menyebut nama Allah. Air mata tidak sempat tumpah lagi. Tumpuan saya ke arah jalan raya yang sibuk pagi itu. Perjalanan ke hospital terasa begitu aneh, kiri kanan jalan seperti sunyi sepi. Degupan jantung kuat sekali.

Tangan kanan memegang stereng, tangan kiri menjamah tubuh Syafiqah. "Panas lagi," harap Siti walaupun menyedari tiada apa yang bergerak di tubuh Syafiqah.

Mulut saya terkunci. Mata terasa panas. Bergenang air mata Siti tapi harapannya tidak pudar.

Saya memberhentikan kereta di lobi kecemasan. Hon dibunyikan bertalu-talu. Melihatkan reaksi awal kakitangan hospital ketika mereka mengangkat tubuh Syafiqah, jawapannya jelas dan pasti. Syafiqah sudah pergi meninggalkan kami.

Ketika saya memimpin Nurin dari kawasan letak kereta, dan Siti sedang menemani Syafiqah, saya belum dimaklumkan secara rasmi tentang kehilangan jantung hati kami itu.

Namun berat sekali kaki diheret menaiki tangga. Saya mendukung Nurin sambil menciumnya:

"Kakak dah tak ada Nurin."

Sebaik melangkah masuk hospital, saya nampak Siti sedang mengisi keterangan peribdi Syafiqah. Saya dengar hampir semua maklumat penting Syafiqah yang diberikannya salah.

Ketara pucat

Siti menoleh ke arah saya, wajahnya tenang walaupun ketara pucat. Saya tidak perlu bertanya lagi. "Fiqah dah tak ada, bang," getar suaranya jelas.

Berdepan jasad kaku Syafiqah, terlintas, bagaimana sewaktu tiga tahun saya menderita sakit misteri, terlantar di rumah, tidak mampu bekerja, saya sering terhibur dengan celotehnya, gurau manjanya, malah puas terasa bila dia mengurut lenguh badan. Kerap dia teresak-esak menangis bila melihat saya mengerang kesakitan.

Tapi, ya Allah, apabila dia menderita sakit, saya tiada di sisi, malah tidak pun sempat melayannya dengan baik, dan banyak janji tidak tertunai, walaupun sekadar nasi Ayamas yang selalu disebutnya.

Air mata mula tumpah dan hingga kini, selepas seminggu, air mata itu belum mahu kering lagi. Al-Fatehah. - UM

Monday, October 17, 2005

Milk oh milk....

I always thought that babies would drink one type of milk...either mother's milk or one formula milk type for the rest of their infant or toddler days...boy, was I wrong..this is happening to my baby at the moment...when Ridhwan was in the ICU they started giving him Enfalac A+ (they just couldn't wait for mine...cet...oh well, my didn't come out much later pun, sob..sob..) he was first introduced to the milk called cow's baby's first milk was a cow's milk....well, one can never know the future kan, you plan like mad, buy a milk pump and all but it's all Allah's they say 'kita hanya merancang, Allah yang menentukan jua..' Ridhwan ended up drinking formula milk called Enfalac A+...but i must say, as much as I felt really guilty not being able to give Ridhwan delicious mummy's milk, I believe he will be okay as my brother's twins grew up totally on Enfalac A+, and boy are they smart and I guess it proves to show its not just about the milk, its also about the love, the nurturing, the attention, the teaching and also the genes....if your mama is smart, the children would be too...that's what I heard from someone seems that if you want a smart child, marry a smart girl...hehee, but I know men sometimes are quite 'tercabar' with smart girls..yea ke? Back to milk....Ridhwan is drinking fine with the Enfalac A+, until recently he just couldn't take it anymore...i think...he was first with Enfalac A+, then his reflux got quite bad and he started throwing up so many times after feeding that we got pretty scared and worried, so we when to see our local paed, Dr. Amdan...he's the best! hehee, I like this paed dr. because he takes the time to explain what is reflux/regurgitation all about and he just know lah what Ridhwan was going through...and as a first time mummy, we do need info and people like these to guide us and show us what to now it's Enfalac A+ and Enfalac AR ...great another type of milk...

What is Reflux?
My baby spits up all the time. . . My child won't gain weight. . . I have an unhappy toddler. . . My child has a chronic cough . . . wheezing . . . recurrent pneumonia . . . My infant cries and cries . . . any one of these symptoms alone may indicate a common condition called Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD).

Most babies "spit up" after they eat, but some babies spit up so much so frequently that they are diagnosed with Gastroesophageal Reflux (GERD). The definition of reflux is splashing or pushing of stomach contents backwards up into the esophagus, and sometimes, out the mouth or nose. All of us have some reflux every day. Most of us aren't aware of it when it happens. One important thing to remember, over 90% of Children who have reflux will outgrow it.

How Do I Know if My Child Has Reflux?

  • Baby has poor weight gain
  • Baby vomits frequently (more than once or twice daily)
  • Baby has recurrent pheumonias
  • Baby shows discomfort eating (i.e. refusal to eat, stiffens up, arches back (opisthotonus), tries to push away from the bottle)
  • Persistant Hiccups
  • Persistant Cough
  • Chronic nasal and/or sinus congestion (from aspiration)
  • Frequent Choking episodes
  • Along with other symptoms: one hour, or more of crying a day
  • "Sour" breath
  • Child complains of burning pain in the chest area
  • Complains that eating hurts Chronic reflux can result in Esophagitis. This is caused by erosion to the esophagus from the acid in the vomit. Signs can range from pain during feedings (a baby may seem eager for a bottle, but after a sip suddenly refuse to take any more) to blood in the vomit. If this continutes for a long period of time it can cause scarring on the esophagus and rarely, it can lead to Barretts Esophagus or even Cancer. It is important to diagnose reflux early and when necessary treat it medicinally. Reflux may be diagnosed based on the description of the Child's behavior. Often the doctor will order tests to confirm the diagnosis.

Tests for determing Reflux

There are tests your doctor can order to accurately diagnose reflux. The most common is an upper GI series (this will check for structural abnormalities, while important, it is not uncommon for reflux to not be seen on this test), a milk scan which is similar to a UGI, however it lasts longer and often shows reflux more clearly, another more sensitive is a pH probe (this test detects normal and abnormal reflux). There are more tests (listed in the testing section) for determing the severity of the damage done from reflux as well as whether there are other systems affected by reflux such as the respirat ory system.

What is the Cause of Reflux?

Reflux is usually considered to be incoordination of the upper digestive system. Often resulting from an underdeveloped digestive tract. Which means the good news is that most babies are expected to outgrow reflux. Recently studies have shown for many families reflux is genetic. (see ). Most babies do have some degree of reflux, and just because there is one child in a family with moderate to severe reflux does not guarantee that there will be another.

What is the Treatment for Reflux?

Treatment of Reflux depends on it's severity. In mild cases thickening of the formula and keeping the child upright is enough (usually when thickening the milk rice cereal is tried first, but more often than not it is too difficult for the child to digest, oatmeal cereal seems to be tolerated much better). Ideally, children are kept upright while sleeping as well Through elevation of the head of the crib, either by physically adjusting the crib or by purchasing a "wedge" (ask your doctor for further information on this). Also, your child can sleep in an infant seat or a 'bouncy chair'.

If this is not enough then medications are commonly prescribed (see medication section). One type of medication is used to reduce the acid the stomach produces (i.e. Zantac, Tagament, Prilosec, Prevasid). Another type of medication used improves the function (or motility) of the stomache and digestive system by helping it to empty better and reflux less (i.e. Reglan). Other medications used are Maalox, Mylanta (or similar O.T.C. ) which coates and temporarily relieves the discomfort of reflux, and Carafate which coates and allows the healing of the stomach and esophagus while preventing further damage. Most often Gastroenterologists reccomend that Adult Strenght Mylanta/Maalox be given rather than Children's Mylanta which has been shown to aggrivate reflux, ask your GI for more information. If, after careful consideration, the medication fails then surgical treatment may be indicated.

Adapted from Well, now that the reflux is settled..he suddenly refused enfalac anymore and started making this wanting to throw up, kenapa ni?!! ...and so we decided to change his milk to S26 gold...hmm...imagine that never occured to me that I would have to change milks for Ridhwan to ensure no more spitting up and of course that there will be a time he would refuse certain types of milk...but luckily my midwife Ai Ling said that this condition is quite normal and she had met babies with worse condition with refusing milk altogether even before they are ready for solids...well, Ridhwan is soon to be 5 months and then Insya-Allah when that time comes Ridhwan will still enjoy his milk and of course his solids even more...but for now as long as he still drinks milk even when I am 'bergeluting' with him at times....that's all that matters cause in the end seeing my baby happy is what makes my day....

Ayah suapkan susu..nyum..nyum...

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


What is hypoglycemia? ....gosh, I never heard of it...hypo? lack of something? what is that?? ...that was the first thing that came into my mind....the word 'hypoglycemia' ...that was what my baby Ridhwan had gone through on his 4th day in this I know how my mother feels when I am sick or in pain...the feeling, the pain...the agony is unbearable...and that is what I felt...or probably on his 4th day in this world, my baby was rushed to the emergency room and then later to the ICU...

At first I thought...should I be telling this ....or maybe keep this to myself and never tell a soul..why tell the world what pain I had to go through or even worse, what pain and torture my baby had to go through...but then, things happened for a reason....maybe it is time for me to speak up and tell people what had happened and maybe, by telling I'll be telling my experience and in some way or another be educating others about what I had gone through...and take iktibar on what had happened...

And so, I shall tell you a story or journey that I, my husband and my baby boy had gone through on this very year 2005 in the month of June....

2nd June was a joyous day as darling Ridhwan was delivered into this world....then he came home with us two days baby was diagnosed with hypoglycemia after experiencing fits/seizures when he was only 4 days old ....he was rushed to the emergency room on a fine sunday morning as we thought he was having breathing difficulties, only to found out at the ER that he had fits/seizures and he needs to be admitted into the ICU...that sunday was a very dark sunday for me...


Alternative names

Insulin shock; Low blood sugar


Hypoglycemia occurs when your blood sugar, called glucose, is abnormally low. The term insulin shock is used to describe severe hypoglycemia that results in unconsciousness.

Causes, incidence, and risk factors

Hypoglycemia results when your body's glucose is used up too rapidly, when glucose is released into the bloodstream too slowly, or when too much insulin is released into the bloodstream. Insulin is a hormone that reduces blood glucose. It is produced by the pancreas in response to increased glucose levels in the blood.

Hypoglycemia is relatively common in diabetics. It occurs when too much insulin or oral antidiabetic medication is taken, not enough food is eaten, or from a sudden increase in the amount of exercise without an increase in food intake.

Relative hypoglycemia, where a newborn's blood glucose is low, is fairly common. Severe hypoglycemia may occur in an infant born to a woman with diabetes or gestational (caused by pregnancy) diabetes. In these cases, the child is referred to as an IDM (infant of diabetic mother).

If, during the pregnancy, the mother's blood sugar is persistently high, the fetus' pancreas assists in controlling the excess blood sugar by producing extra insulin. When the infant is born, it no longer gets the mother's glucose, but still produces large amounts of insulin, which drives the infant's blood sugar down to dangerous levels. This is a medical emergency that may result in seizures and damage to the baby's nervous system if not treated.

Sometimes the cause of hypoglycemia is unknown (idiopathic). In these cases, people who are not diabetic and who do not have another known cause of hypoglycemia experience these symptoms.

Hypoglycemia can occur because of an insulin-secreting tumor of the pancreas, liver disease, or as a response to the ingestion of alcohol. It can occur in adults, infants, and children, and affects approximately 1 out of every 1,000 people.


Additional symptoms that may be associated with this disease:

Signs and tests Return to top

This disease may also alter the results of the following tests:


A snack or drink containing sugar will raise the blood glucose level, and you should see an immediate improvement in symptoms.

Infants of diabetic mothers that develop low blood sugars are treated with glucose solutions given into the vein to maintain the blood sugar at normal levels. The glucose is slowly reduced over the next 24 - 48 hours while the infant begins to regulate its blood sugar at normal levels.

Unconsciousness or inability to swallow may occur if the person's blood sugar levels are very low. This is called insulin shock, and emergency medical treatment is needed. An injection of glucose solution or the hormone glucagon will be given immediately.

In the longer term, you may need to modify your diet so that you get glucose into your body more evenly throughout the day. This may prevent further hypoglycemic episodes. Small, frequent meals with complex carbohydrates, fiber, and fat and avoiding simple sugars, alcohol, and fruit juice may be recommended. You should also eat meals at regular intervals, and balance extra exercise with extra food.

If hypoglycemia is caused by an insulinoma (insulin-secreting tumor), surgery to remove the tumor is the best treatment.

Expectations (prognosis)

Severe hypoglycemia can often be avoided by recognizing the early warning signs of the condition and treating yourself rapidly and appropriately. Untreated hypoglycemia can progress to unconsciousness and if the brain is exposed to reduced glucose for a long period of time, there may be permanent damage.


  • Loss of consciousness
  • Coma
In the infant
  • Seizure
  • Permanent damage to the nervous system

Calling your health care provider

Go to the emergency room immediately or call a local emergency number, such as 911, if early signs of hypoglycemia do not improve after you've eaten a snack containing sugar. If a diabetic, or other person known to experience hypoglycemia, becomes unresponsive or you can't wake them, you should also call an emergency number.


Diabetics should follow their doctors' advice regarding diet, medications, and exercise.

Pregnant diabetic women should maintain careful control of their blood sugar. Gestational diabetes, or diabetes that occurs during pregnancy, is diagnosed by repeat testing of expectant mothers. Upon delivery, routine blood sugar levels are taken from the infant until blood sugar levels are normal.

People who are known to experience hypoglycemia should keep a snack or drink containing sugar available at all times to take as soon as symptoms appear. If symptoms do not improve in 15 minutes, additional food should be eaten. A glucagon kit is available by prescription for episodes of hypoglycemia that respond poorly to other types of treatment.

Update Date: 8/1/2005 Updated by: Nikheel S. Kolatkar, MD, Clinical and Research Fellow, Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Hypertension, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA. Review provided by VeriMed Healthcare Network.

So, this is what hypoglycemia is all about.....

Till now, the doctor actually don't know how hypoglycemia happened as it is stated above "
Sometimes the cause of hypoglycemia is unknown (idiopathic). In these cases, people who are not diabetic and who do not have another known cause of hypoglycemia experience these symptoms." .... Ridhwan was in the ICU for nearly 11 days and later warded to the paeds ward for another 10 days....that was also the most painful days I had to go through as I was still in confinement/pantang and the room was sooooo cold and there I was shivering like mad on the bed every night and the stiches somehow was a bit unbearable, probably due to my emotions and exhaustion to what I had to go through...though luckily hubby was there to warm me up...hehee..

However, with what had happened to Ridhwan, I am very thankful to Allah for allowing Ridhwan to get well quickly and be able to come home into our arms....what Ridhwan had gone through had to be the worse experience an infant or a baby had to endure...the time in ICU had to be the worse time of my entire life and each visit there was very devastating...what Ridhwan went through was even worse as he had needles poking into him on every part of his body, and the constant sound of the heart rate monitor on the pc attached to the wires to Ridhwan had to be the scariest sound a mother had to hear.....

I try not to look back on what happened and wonder how it could even have happened....and as usual, a mother's guilt is always there, wondering if I was the cause to all his pain....but maybe I was..or maybe I wasn't cause thinking about it would only bring me down and probably destroy myself....and so I try to think in a positive way as now he is a very healthy and active baby boy who cannot get enough attention of me! hehee..manja anak mama nie...and an intelligent one to...he is a very active boy always looking around and enjoys smilling and laughing nowdays...I thank Allah for giving me strentgh to pray hard inside my heart and hope for the best throughout his time in the ICU...and as my sis-in-law constantly told me....'miracles happens reenaz..' ...and it did...I never stopped believing that Allah will help me ...and my baby was a born fighter they say 'kun faya kun' ..but 'tawakal Alallah', 'la takhzan la takhof, innallah maa'na...' and yes, I truly believe in that...
Well... this blog entry may have some impact on the readers...yet, my advice to mothers out watch what you eat while conceiving or pregnant cause with the world as it is nowdays, we don't know what we are eating or using and how it may affect our little baby inside us..or even that is out of our tummy and happily living in our world...another note of advice, which I plan to do when I deliver my next baby, as much test as you want on your newborn as we can never know if our baby might be low in glucose or whatever ailments he is experiencing...and my last advice, never ever stop praying to Allah for His blessings and forgiveness, as no matter what happens, how hard life is or how great life is, Allah is always there and he is just a doa away...may this blog entry be a 'pedoman' to those who read it...and may Allah always bless my baby and all the babies in the world...

My happy baby boy!

Ai Ling's Visit!

Today is Ai Ling's 3rd visit after the postnatal visit right after Ridhwan came out from the hospital...yup, my darling baby boy was admitted at SJMC when he was only 4 days old as he had fits and his sugar level was very low....that had to be the worst day of my entire life...if failing a subject was bad...seeing your child in the ICU was even worse..anyway, that's another story to tell..later..

Right now baby Ridhwan is just fine and healthy as a fiddle... wonder why a fiddle...well, today Ai Ling a midwfife who I entrusted her service from Jenlia Maternal Services, came to check on Ridhwan on her usual monthly visits...and so Ai Ling said Ridhwan is very fine, and as a matter of fact he is even doing things a 6 month year old is doing! Cool!! But she has to admit that his arms were still a bit tight and more tummy time would do him good, this was probably due to his fits...but otherwise she said Ridhwan is healthy as can be like any other 4 month old is and his leg were really strong, I mean really strong...he just couldn't sit or lie down still...hehe, that's my boy!!

Anyway, I always enjoy her visits as I could ask her things that doctors don't have the time to talk or entertain us about and also she is meeting all sorts of childrens, from different races, religions and ages...and so I think she would be knowledgable enough to know how a baby should grow...also, she had 20 years experience as a nurse in,is that enough experience or what...she also had the chance to treat babies who had hypoglycemia....which is what Ridhwan had gone knowing someone who knows these things really helps a lot..especially for new mama's like me...

I would definitely recommend first time parents to get their services cause I sure learned a lot from my midwife and also at least I get to know things on how to take care a baby in the science or medical sense...why do I say science or medical sense..well, as everyone knows, we always have our confinement lady after we deliver and gotta admit they are very traditional and unlike doctors or midwives, they follow the all traditional way..but for me, I like to know both worlds as each are compliment to each other....also so its good to know the traditional ways such as tungku and sekak what not..and yet, from my own experience, nature has its own way of doing things where if you were to deliver normally and don't have the chance to undergo tungku and etc, it does hea by itselfl..and on its own way and time...really! trust for those of you who never had the chance or didn't have the chance or not going to have the chance to undergo urut, tungku and sekak thingy after your first delivery or not fret as I myself didn't really started my tungku after 21 days, not because i wanted to but circumstances were not allowing me and I healed just fine, Alhamdulillah...i truly realise then that nature always has its own way of healing itself and doing things...

So, to my midwife Ai Ling...your support and knowledge and especially experience has been a great help and will be in months to you mothers-to-be out there, if you got the extra money, do not hesitate to ask for their service as it will surely benefit is for me ;o)

Monday, October 10, 2005

First it was its nano!!

There it not mine...huwaaa...hehee, as if i don't have one...well I don't have this particular one..but I do have a mini..and boy am I thankful for that..what am I talking about? Nano? Mini?, I don't want a mini cooper...I'm talking about the ever so cool Apple inventions and the latest is the iPod Nano!!

Cool ya! I mean first there was the ever so wondeful iPod, a real great device where you can store thousands of mp3 in it..I still remember the first iPod I saw and had a chance to try out, thanks Farul! I was instantly attracted to its design and colour, pure and innocent and then I was amazed with the sound quality of the songs that comes out from this cool device....well, I can't afford an day maybe...but these hands were too eager to own one of its family... and so my darling hubby bought a wonderful pink iPod mini right after I delivered our baby boy...thank you abang! well, not really thank you cause it was paid with my money...haha...but the fact that this little contraption is sitting in my drawer looking nice and pink! I just can't help smilling to myself for actually indulging in buying one...this I must blame again my ex-manager Farul...hehe, sori Farul...but am I so glad I bought it just in time cause at the moment the iPod mini is being phased out and being taken over by iPod Nano...though I must admire its slim design it can never replace my iPod mini as it is in my favourite colour, pink! ...and sad to say iPod nano only has 2 colours, white and black....also, at the moment, it is quite expensive (as if the iPod mini wasn't ya..hmmph...)

Well, welcome home iPod u to bits and will always cherish you...mine! mine! all mine! and to Apple...keep up the good work in inventing wondeful, cool and yummy devices! idup Apple!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

This is the wonderful brain of a parent!! picture ya! There I was surfing around for pictures of brain and came across this cute picture...ironically, I think the parents brain is somewhat like this...the need for rest, general worry and hey, they even have a chocolate center! Hahhaa...oh well, everyone needs some chocolate time off once in a while...talking about brains my darling hubby was nice enough to buy a book on brain games for our baby..actually its just a simple book that shows us games that we take for granted that we play everyday with our children where in fact each games or exercise will help in developing our is only when I read the book that I realise "Hey, I've been doing that...I didn't know it helps in his motor development...hmmm..."

Such an example of what I'm saying is...The 'Where's My Baby?' game...what you'd do is lie on your back and put your baby on your tummy and with your hands firmly around your baby's chest, raise him in the air and up to your face...alah, biasalah game nie, ayah2x selalu suka main2x macam nie ngan anak2x kan...mak2x kadang2x takut skit..hehe..tu kita lah tu....anyway, brain research states that this particular game develops strength and balance where it layes the groundwork for parents out there, don't underestimate those simple baby games or exercise you play with your baby cause it might just be helping your baby's development...

Esok Jumaat...lunch hour panjang...

Those were the days...when I'd look forward to a Friday cause 1st. The next day is a Saturday, cutiiii!! then secondly, nice looooong lunch hours...meaning...more lunch time and more shopping!! Heehee...though, gone are those days, where we'd argue who'd drive that day to lunch, where we'd eat for lunch, should we tell those people where we're going when we don't want them to tag along...hehee..yup, those good old days are all gone now...maybe it'll come back after I obtain my masters and when I get a job..that is if...yup a big IF..IF i want to work after my Masters...but I guess I, its not I should, I must..cause who's then gonna pay for the house..banyak duit aku....anyway, Friday to me is the best day of the week...I looked forward to driving home with a happy smile, yup driving 110 km/h or 120 km/h all the way from serdang to shah alam...hmm...haven't driven that fast ever since there is Ridhwan now..actually hardly drive pun nowdays...heehe, jadi Mem Besaq sitting at the back while baby is in my arms...I could use the car seat of course but Ridhwan never seems to like it that much..sorry Chery and Liz, maybe you should have gotten another type...oops, no lah, as it is that's the biggest and best gift we got from you gals!! Toche! Toche! Whoops..I got side track again....anyway, Friday is the best day of the week cause for those working, its the end of the long agonising week of facing your boss and your awful managers that drives you insane to the extend you want to quit your job...soooo, I am thankful that I don't have to endure those headaches anymore and get to spend time with my baby 24 by 7 without having to think, is it time? is it 6 pm already?? ..goodbye working Friday, sayonara nice long lunch with the gals, adios shopping spree....Friday what a nice day of the week...till we meet again someday, one day..

Another day has pass...

Howdy dowdy...hmm...another wonderful Ramadhan day has passed....I still can't believe it was around this time last year I was pregnant with adorable baby boy Ridhwan..and how time flies now he is 4 months old already...4 months old..what can a 4 month old baby do? Here's some of the things he should be doing..but as they, each baby is to its own, baby varies so these are just guidelines to look out cause how our baby develop and grow is still a wonder that how great Allah is....wallahualam...

Your 4-month-old's development

Feeding less frequently
As your baby reaches four months, his stomach has grown bigger so he doesn't need to feed so often — just four or five times a day. But he'll still gain weight — his need to feed just tapers off as he gets older, becoming more like that of older children and adults. Now his attention will start to gravitate toward other people and things during mealtimes, and though it's exciting to see him aware of and responsive to new things, feedings can get difficult. If your baby is easily distracted, try feeding him somewhere quiet for a while.

A new talent for rolling over
When placed on his stomach, your baby will lift his head and shoulders high, using his arms for support. This mini push-up helps him strengthen his muscles and get a better view of what's going on. He may even amaze you (and himself!) by
rolling over from his back to his front, or vice versa. You can encourage this through play: wiggle a toy next to the side he customarily rolls to in case he's interested enough to try again. Applaud his efforts and smile; he may need your reassurance since new actions can be frightening.

Time for solid foods?
For the first four to six months of life your baby gets all the nutrients he needs from breast milk or formula milk. Still, parents are often eager to start their babies on solid foods. Talk to your health visitor before trying yours on solids. You can begin feeding your baby some solids (meaning mushy foods such as pureed baby food or baby cereal) now that his digestive tract is more developed and his tongue-thrust
reflex is starting to fade, but many doctors encourage parents to wait until their baby is six months old. Not rushing onto solids can cut down on allergic reactions and ensures that breast milk and formula won't get crowded out of your baby's diet.

Reaching out and mouthing objects
Your baby is now able to reach out and grab an object, even though he often misses his mark on the first try. Once he wraps his hands around something, he'll study it for a moment and then try to put it in his mouth. You may also notice a lot more dribbling now. Some babies can start
teething as early as four months, but the first tooth usually doesn't surface until five to six months.

Encourage your baby to explore and play with a variety of objects. For instance, a clean cloth nappy will occupy your baby for a few minutes. Watch him suck on it, hold it, and discover what happens when he scrunches it up. Give him a light rattle and watch him delight in the sound it makes when he shakes it. An activity centre or cradle gym is a good choice for this stage, as your baby begins to discover the cause and effect of moving a lever and hearing a bell ring, for instance.

Able to play alone now
By now, your baby can play with his hands and feet for a few minutes at a time. A miracle! Suddenly you realise it's strangely quiet in the bedroom so you look in, only to discover that your baby, who so far has needed your attention for most of every waking moment, is amusing himself. Now maybe you can start reading the paper again.

Beginning to understand the role of language
Researchers believe that by four months your baby understands all the basic sounds that make up his native language. Between four and six months, he develops the ability to make some vocal sounds, such as "ma-ma" or "da-da." He doesn't yet connect that sound with a parent, though. By now, he's also able to participate in back-and-forth imitation games — you say "boo," and he'll try to say it back. You can promote your child's sense of communication through imitating his faces and sounds — "mirroring" him. Because you react when he makes noises and tries to say something, your baby learns the importance of language and starts to understand cause and effect. He'll begin to realise that what he says makes a difference.

Appreciation for a full range of colours
Babies see colour from birth, but they have difficulty distinguishing similar tones such as red and orange. As a result they often prefer black and white or high-contrast colours. Between your baby's second and fourth months, colour differences become clearer, and your baby starts to distinguish similar shades. Your baby will probably begin to show a preference for bright primary colours now. Some great eye-catchers include primary-coloured mobiles (hung out of his reach), bright posters, and visually striking board books.

Getting more selective about people
By four months, your baby may respond to your presence, your voice, and even your facial expressions by kicking and waving his arms. About now, your child, who to this point probably bestowed smiles on everyone he met, is beginning to be choosy about the company he keeps. In large groups or with unfamiliar people he may need time to get comfortable. Allow for transition time with strangers or when leaving your baby with a babysitter. You may also notice that when he's safely in your arms he's interested in interacting with other people — especially noisy, boisterous older children.

Is my baby developing normally?
Remember, each baby is unique and meets social milestones at his own pace. These are simply guidelines to what your baby has the potential to accomplish — if not right now, then shortly.

And if your baby was born prematurely, you'll probably find that he'll need time before he can do the same things as other children his age. Don't worry. Most doctors assess a premature child's development from the time he should have been born and evaluate his skills accordingly.

If you have any questions at all about your baby's development, check with your doctor.


Its 12.30 a.m

Its 12.30 a.m. and I'm still wide awake..and here I am posting another blog before I sleep..which i pray to god that I can wake up to feed my baby..hmm...nie yang payah if hubby not around....sleep...what is u really need it...too much is no good, to little will make u edgy at sleep is something that everybody needs and yet some times you don't really need it....but for me right now, I think I need it cause I have a little boy who needs to be off to sleep for now...will write more later...darling baby boy, mama is sleeping now kay...

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A mother's tale of happiness

Hie everybody! Assalamualaikum...just writting some words of motherhood to share with everyone out there...I just delivered a beautiful baby boy on 2nd June 2005...The joy of being a mother at this moment is indescribable feeling...hmm..sound like a song..anyway, this is just the beginning of my journey as a mummy...may Allah always be there for me to give me strength and hope to be a good mother to my wonderful son, Insya-Allah...