Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Ai Ling's Visit!

Today is Ai Ling's 3rd visit after the postnatal visit right after Ridhwan came out from the hospital...yup, my darling baby boy was admitted at SJMC when he was only 4 days old as he had fits and his sugar level was very low....that had to be the worst day of my entire life...if failing a subject was bad...seeing your child in the ICU was even worse..anyway, that's another story to tell..later..

Right now baby Ridhwan is just fine and healthy as a fiddle... wonder why a fiddle...well, today Ai Ling a midwfife who I entrusted her service from Jenlia Maternal Services, came to check on Ridhwan on her usual monthly visits...and so Ai Ling said Ridhwan is very fine, and as a matter of fact he is even doing things a 6 month year old is doing! Cool!! But she has to admit that his arms were still a bit tight and more tummy time would do him good, this was probably due to his fits...but otherwise she said Ridhwan is healthy as can be like any other 4 month old is and his leg were really strong, I mean really strong...he just couldn't sit or lie down still...hehe, that's my boy!!

Anyway, I always enjoy her visits as I could ask her things that doctors don't have the time to talk or entertain us about and also she is meeting all sorts of childrens, from different races, religions and ages...and so I think she would be knowledgable enough to know how a baby should grow...also, she had 20 years experience as a nurse in,is that enough experience or what...she also had the chance to treat babies who had hypoglycemia....which is what Ridhwan had gone knowing someone who knows these things really helps a lot..especially for new mama's like me...

I would definitely recommend first time parents to get their services cause I sure learned a lot from my midwife and also at least I get to know things on how to take care a baby in the science or medical sense...why do I say science or medical sense..well, as everyone knows, we always have our confinement lady after we deliver and gotta admit they are very traditional and unlike doctors or midwives, they follow the all traditional way..but for me, I like to know both worlds as each are compliment to each other....also so its good to know the traditional ways such as tungku and sekak what not..and yet, from my own experience, nature has its own way of doing things where if you were to deliver normally and don't have the chance to undergo tungku and etc, it does hea by itselfl..and on its own way and time...really! trust for those of you who never had the chance or didn't have the chance or not going to have the chance to undergo urut, tungku and sekak thingy after your first delivery or not fret as I myself didn't really started my tungku after 21 days, not because i wanted to but circumstances were not allowing me and I healed just fine, Alhamdulillah...i truly realise then that nature always has its own way of healing itself and doing things...

So, to my midwife Ai Ling...your support and knowledge and especially experience has been a great help and will be in months to you mothers-to-be out there, if you got the extra money, do not hesitate to ask for their service as it will surely benefit is for me ;o)