Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Liz!

Yesterday I had an enjoyable dinner with my good old chums from Sri Aman...it was nice once in a while for this mother who is stressed up with her soon to finish masters with tonnes of assignments and exhausted mother of a one year old toddler...but then again, i'd rather take care of ridhwan than do my assignments...hehee...anyway, the dinner was yummy and the company was wonderful...once in a while having this girls night out sure brings back memories for me when I was single and not so available ...just hanging out with friends whom you've known long enought to know its okay to laugh out loud in a restaurant when everyone is practically staring at you..yes, they were...but heck, its our night out and no one is going to ruin it...my night out anyway.....

Being a mother, life has really changed...your priorities are different...your needs have changed and evolved...last time it was me, me and me alone...then it was, me and hubby, for hubby, for me, for us...now its, for us, for the three of us, for ridhwan, for ridhwan and for ridhwan..yes, your needs somehow revolves more about your child than your own...but then, there are times when you just can't help being human and have special needs of your own ...hehee...this is when the shopping gets fun cause its not just shopping for your own...but for your child too...of course, if you are a mother, who's a student and not having a salary of your own...sob...sob....the shopping list and item is limited to a very tight budget..sigh...oh well, as the say, beggars can't be choosers ya....but all in all...an occasional shopping time and a night's out last night with just women sure makes this mama a smilling and contented mama...yup... And to top of it, it was to celebrate my long time old...yup old..hehe...best friend Aliza, whom I've known since kindergarten...

I treasure my friendship with her cause it has lasted all these years and not once have I stopped growing fond of her and admiring her self determined, strong will and she's one of the friendliest person I've ever known.... She never stops to amaze me...and Liz, your skirt last nite was way cool..lawa, I like it.. So, to my dear friend Aliza, happy birthday dear! It is so nice to have you back in Malaysia now even if you are a sampan, boat or flight away..hehe...its great to have you back and have a wonderful extended birthday time ya!

To my best buddies, Belinda, Chery and Loges...you gals are still the best! I'm glad we never got astray and remain best friends all these years...times in Sri Aman was really great but times ahead will be even greater and wonderful...so, looking forward to more weddings..hint..hint..hehe..and babies...hahaa...yes, you know who...love ya all!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Why can't I login to my yahoo account...sob..sob...

My child is screaming away as I am neglecting him for awhile to do some work...my twin nephews is having a screaming frenzy nearby...and worst of all, I can't login to my yahoo!! Huwaaa....why? why? at times when I need to check some important mails it has to do some funny thing asking for my pasword and id and what not...gosh, computers and its software can be a pain in the neck at times.... oh well, designed by human anyway....definitely have human errors right....oh oh...I think my son just poo poo...heheee...code red! code red!! .....

Monday, August 21, 2006

Okay...you have got to start the literature review!

I have been postponing my literature review for the..hmm...how many times already yea??....I just can't find the will power to actually even start a paragraph on it ..and this wednesday, I'm due to see my supervisor!!!...sigh...in the first place, who's great idea was it to make it compulsory to have this special topics for all last semester students...and why tell in the early of the semester, when they could have told us before last semester ended....oh well...every new program has their faults...though, instead of making this semester a less stress free semester for myself..it is making me have an even worse headache!?

My topic is about self similar network traffic...ya Allah, apa benda tu? I know, I know..hey, aren't I'm doing my masters now? Oh yes, I am, but even if you are a masters graduate...you will not have a permanent head damage (PhD.) to fully be a 'masters' in something...hehee..does this make sense...Anyway, I don't know why this semester is one of my laziest semester ever..I mean, I'd rather blog away in my blog then start typing on my lit. review....gosh, the lazy bug has really gotten to me ya.....

Okay, enough is enough! Enough redesigning my blog and blogging away for now...will start studying and read for my literature review now! Ganbatte Reenaz!!

My japanese table!

At last...i actually got my japanese table!! and it was cheap! I mean cheap for me, compared to some furniture shop that sells nice looking furniture but not so good quality...ho hum..yes abang, that shop which is out of bound for me for now..heheee....anyway, the table is sturdy..and really nice! I've been using it ever since we bought it...at least I get to do some work in the room with Ridhwan by my side or not sian dia in his play pen while his mama at the big table doing her work... kan ridhwan kan! So, no reason for me not being able to do my work then...hmm...table: checked! ...work:still not completed.....hehee...

Friday, August 11, 2006

need a japanese table...need more time..need to finish my work!

Needs...needs...and needs....actually some are musts! Hehehee...I just realised that I did a pretty okay term paper yesterday..managed to finish writting it up in one day! Would you believe that! Of course it was only a 5-7 pages term paper and I completed with 9 pages....and then there was the presentation...yup, that also was completed in one afternoon...my god, I actually completed my term paper and ppt slides in less than 2 days...world record! Hahhaa...no lah, desperate time calls for desperate measures...anyway, alhamdulillah the presentation was okay, though the lecturer didn't ask any questions, the colleagues too...so I was thinking, either my presentation was that good that no questions was needed to be asked, or as we promised each other no questions must be asked.....or nobody understood a single thing I explained...hahhahaa!! either way, its done and over...now, I need to find more articles for the next term paper...anyone an expert in cryptography? that's what my term paper is all about...

now back to the main title...why do i need a japanese table? my darling hubby is so eer busy these few weeks that he has been travelling a lot...so I am or have to resort to doing my work in our room...which i'd rather do in the study room as I can just lay out all my papers on the study table and type out my term paper/programming easier....however, that is not feasible in our room..cause, yes, its a bedroom..heheee..and so I thought, if my hubby is going to travel again, and sure enough my term papers are not decreasing but being added up each week...why does this lecturer loveee to give so much....so, i need a table...not to big until it covers the only space available in this room to pray....but big enough to at least be filled up with my laptop, my mouse and the happy smilling mouse pad(tu wajib tu, semangat skit nak buat kerja) and some papers and probably my pencil box...and so...i NEED a table..and need to find one quick...i was thinking of IKEA...maybe they have one but then again, IKEA is a bit too far for me at the moment..then i remembered..giant! or was it macro....darn...anyway, one of these hypermarkets hae one ...so maybe i'll check it out this weekend or today....cause i definitely need it...

Time..who doesn't need time rite...there's always excuses that we have no time at all...that reminds me of my lecturer last semester that said, "Takda alasan takda masa....awak aje nak buat masa ke tak...so, jangan kata takda masa nak buat yea..." ...hmmm..which if u really...really...really think....is quite true..i mean, i always say, no time lah..i need to take care of ridhwan, mana ada masa nak baca untuk literature review..takda masa nak buat programming ( when in fact I just hate programming) ...takda masa....when actually, when ridhwan is sleeping I can do my work...read an article perhaps....programming, learn to love it gal....take time to do it....so, in other words...its a matter of us "making" time for things we need to do....and so, there is no such thing as no time....hmmm...which now, i should be reading the special topics articles...no time lah! hehee....

so, in conclusion....chewah, macam term paper lak nie yea....for work to be finished, time must be made for it..and to add onto it, a table would help too! ;o) ciao....

Friday, August 04, 2006

lalalaaa....japanese songs...hait!

Here I am listening to a CD I have totally forgotten that I own..yup, a japanese cd...hehee...as I listen to the songs of the album one by one, I realised that I have once laughed out loud endlessly with my officemates or ex-officemates and actually looked at life differently...I realised that I had gone through lots of hardships that I forgot to smell the rose and especially doing the things that I enjoy...yes, i forgot to have fun...maybe that's why my hubby says to relax more..don be to serious...ya lah abang, maybe I am...but with the situations in our life...I guess I can't blame myself that I forgot...forgot to just sit still and enjoy myself with songs that I used to love and still do....songs that inspired me to be me....

Certain songs just makes you recall experiences and certain period of times when you were young...hehee...as if I'm that old...and songs that makes you recall when you were having fun with your friends, 'our song' the song that your boyfriend proclaim to be yours and yours alone..and songs that reminds you of the time you just got married...the song that you vowed to be 'the' song...our song of love...then of course there were songs that reminded you of how your bundle of joy will be in your life....yup....songs...i actually forgot to enjoy them as I used to once....

Like for example this japanese album that my ex-officemates once looked high and low to get it for me..thanks maggie and mee lian! ..the album that I recall to play again and again in my car...songs that accompanied me to work and back once...hehee...i loved those songs..and as I'm hearing it again I realised I still loved these songs when what the words mean is god knows..hahaha...but nevertheless, I will still enjoy these songs that actually made me smile...yes, they made me smile...and ironically, it made me feel young again...or actually made me recalled during my bachelorette days...it made me think back that no matter how hard life is, you must never forget to rest and relax and just appreciate life as it is...do the things that makes you smile...buy flowers that you love, buy books that you've been wanting to read, say I love you to your husband again and again, call old friends to rekindle old friendship, look at old pictures of you and your boyfriend and now your hubby, do jigsaw puzzles for the fun of it, go for a holiday...just do what you love the most and believe in....though as time has its ups and down...never ever forget to just sit still and listen to the music as you watch the clouds go by...hmmm....

.....so to the album Le Couple, thanks for making me recall my wonderful times when I was in OSS, great times with the gals there!...to Maggie, thanks for introducing this album for me...i never regretted buying this album eventhough I have no idea what they are singing..hehee..maybe, I shall ask Ridhwan's shichida teacher to translate..yes ...maybe...


Sofa...by Le Couple

omen ne motto watashi wo shikattemo ii yo
Yatto kizuita nante
Okashi itte daite

Aisareteru to shirazu ni ikiteta
Sono mune de naitemo ii?
Doushite anata to iru to
Watashi ni nareru

Gomen ne motto sunao ni ietanara ii noni
Mitsumeau mukou ni wa
Onaji yume ga mieru

* Aisareteru to shirazu ni ikiteta
Utata ne shiteitanda
Kimochi ii SOFA no you na
Anata no naka de

Tookutemo soba ni itemo
Motto fukaku tsunagattetai

Aisareteru to shirazu ni ikiteta
Sono mune de naitemo ii?
Doushite anata to iru to...

* repeat