Friday, August 04, 2006

lalalaaa....japanese songs...hait!

Here I am listening to a CD I have totally forgotten that I own..yup, a japanese I listen to the songs of the album one by one, I realised that I have once laughed out loud endlessly with my officemates or ex-officemates and actually looked at life differently...I realised that I had gone through lots of hardships that I forgot to smell the rose and especially doing the things that I enjoy...yes, i forgot to have fun...maybe that's why my hubby says to relax more..don be to serious...ya lah abang, maybe I am...but with the situations in our life...I guess I can't blame myself that I forgot...forgot to just sit still and enjoy myself with songs that I used to love and still do....songs that inspired me to be me....

Certain songs just makes you recall experiences and certain period of times when you were if I'm that old...and songs that makes you recall when you were having fun with your friends, 'our song' the song that your boyfriend proclaim to be yours and yours alone..and songs that reminds you of the time you just got married...the song that you vowed to be 'the' song...our song of love...then of course there were songs that reminded you of how your bundle of joy will be in your life....yup....songs...i actually forgot to enjoy them as I used to once....

Like for example this japanese album that my ex-officemates once looked high and low to get it for me..thanks maggie and mee lian! ..the album that I recall to play again and again in my car...songs that accompanied me to work and back once...hehee...i loved those songs..and as I'm hearing it again I realised I still loved these songs when what the words mean is god knows..hahaha...but nevertheless, I will still enjoy these songs that actually made me smile...yes, they made me smile...and ironically, it made me feel young again...or actually made me recalled during my bachelorette made me think back that no matter how hard life is, you must never forget to rest and relax and just appreciate life as it the things that makes you flowers that you love, buy books that you've been wanting to read, say I love you to your husband again and again, call old friends to rekindle old friendship, look at old pictures of you and your boyfriend and now your hubby, do jigsaw puzzles for the fun of it, go for a holiday...just do what you love the most and believe in....though as time has its ups and down...never ever forget to just sit still and listen to the music as you watch the clouds go by...hmmm.... to the album Le Couple, thanks for making me recall my wonderful times when I was in OSS, great times with the gals there! Maggie, thanks for introducing this album for me...i never regretted buying this album eventhough I have no idea what they are singing..hehee..maybe, I shall ask Ridhwan's shichida teacher to translate..yes ...maybe... Le Couple

omen ne motto watashi wo shikattemo ii yo
Yatto kizuita nante
Okashi itte daite

Aisareteru to shirazu ni ikiteta
Sono mune de naitemo ii?
Doushite anata to iru to
Watashi ni nareru

Gomen ne motto sunao ni ietanara ii noni
Mitsumeau mukou ni wa
Onaji yume ga mieru

* Aisareteru to shirazu ni ikiteta
Utata ne shiteitanda
Kimochi ii SOFA no you na
Anata no naka de

Tookutemo soba ni itemo
Motto fukaku tsunagattetai

Aisareteru to shirazu ni ikiteta
Sono mune de naitemo ii?
Doushite anata to iru to...

* repeat