Monday, August 21, 2006 have got to start the literature review!

I have been postponing my literature review for many times already yea??....I just can't find the will power to actually even start a paragraph on it ..and this wednesday, I'm due to see my supervisor!!! the first place, who's great idea was it to make it compulsory to have this special topics for all last semester students...and why tell in the early of the semester, when they could have told us before last semester ended....oh well...every new program has their faults...though, instead of making this semester a less stress free semester for is making me have an even worse headache!?

My topic is about self similar network traffic...ya Allah, apa benda tu? I know, I know..hey, aren't I'm doing my masters now? Oh yes, I am, but even if you are a masters will not have a permanent head damage (PhD.) to fully be a 'masters' in something...hehee..does this make sense...Anyway, I don't know why this semester is one of my laziest semester ever..I mean, I'd rather blog away in my blog then start typing on my lit. review....gosh, the lazy bug has really gotten to me ya.....

Okay, enough is enough! Enough redesigning my blog and blogging away for now...will start studying and read for my literature review now! Ganbatte Reenaz!!