Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Liz!

Yesterday I had an enjoyable dinner with my good old chums from Sri Aman...it was nice once in a while for this mother who is stressed up with her soon to finish masters with tonnes of assignments and exhausted mother of a one year old toddler...but then again, i'd rather take care of ridhwan than do my assignments...hehee...anyway, the dinner was yummy and the company was wonderful...once in a while having this girls night out sure brings back memories for me when I was single and not so available ...just hanging out with friends whom you've known long enought to know its okay to laugh out loud in a restaurant when everyone is practically staring at you..yes, they were...but heck, its our night out and no one is going to ruin it...my night out anyway.....

Being a mother, life has really changed...your priorities are different...your needs have changed and evolved...last time it was me, me and me alone...then it was, me and hubby, for hubby, for me, for us...now its, for us, for the three of us, for ridhwan, for ridhwan and for ridhwan..yes, your needs somehow revolves more about your child than your own...but then, there are times when you just can't help being human and have special needs of your own ...hehee...this is when the shopping gets fun cause its not just shopping for your own...but for your child too...of course, if you are a mother, who's a student and not having a salary of your own...sob...sob....the shopping list and item is limited to a very tight budget..sigh...oh well, as the say, beggars can't be choosers ya....but all in all...an occasional shopping time and a night's out last night with just women sure makes this mama a smilling and contented mama...yup... And to top of it, it was to celebrate my long time old...yup old..hehe...best friend Aliza, whom I've known since kindergarten...

I treasure my friendship with her cause it has lasted all these years and not once have I stopped growing fond of her and admiring her self determined, strong will and she's one of the friendliest person I've ever known.... She never stops to amaze me...and Liz, your skirt last nite was way cool..lawa, I like it.. So, to my dear friend Aliza, happy birthday dear! It is so nice to have you back in Malaysia now even if you are a sampan, boat or flight away..hehe...its great to have you back and have a wonderful extended birthday time ya!

To my best buddies, Belinda, Chery and Loges...you gals are still the best! I'm glad we never got astray and remain best friends all these years...times in Sri Aman was really great but times ahead will be even greater and wonderful...so, looking forward to more weddings..hint..hint..hehe..and babies...hahaa...yes, you know who...love ya all!!