Thursday, October 06, 2005

Esok Jumaat...lunch hour panjang...

Those were the days...when I'd look forward to a Friday cause 1st. The next day is a Saturday, cutiiii!! then secondly, nice looooong lunch hours...meaning...more lunch time and more shopping!! Heehee...though, gone are those days, where we'd argue who'd drive that day to lunch, where we'd eat for lunch, should we tell those people where we're going when we don't want them to tag along...hehee..yup, those good old days are all gone now...maybe it'll come back after I obtain my masters and when I get a job..that is if...yup a big IF..IF i want to work after my Masters...but I guess I, its not I should, I must..cause who's then gonna pay for the house..banyak duit aku....anyway, Friday to me is the best day of the week...I looked forward to driving home with a happy smile, yup driving 110 km/h or 120 km/h all the way from serdang to shah alam...hmm...haven't driven that fast ever since there is Ridhwan now..actually hardly drive pun nowdays...heehe, jadi Mem Besaq sitting at the back while baby is in my arms...I could use the car seat of course but Ridhwan never seems to like it that much..sorry Chery and Liz, maybe you should have gotten another type...oops, no lah, as it is that's the biggest and best gift we got from you gals!! Toche! Toche! Whoops..I got side track again....anyway, Friday is the best day of the week cause for those working, its the end of the long agonising week of facing your boss and your awful managers that drives you insane to the extend you want to quit your job...soooo, I am thankful that I don't have to endure those headaches anymore and get to spend time with my baby 24 by 7 without having to think, is it time? is it 6 pm already?? ..goodbye working Friday, sayonara nice long lunch with the gals, adios shopping spree....Friday what a nice day of the week...till we meet again someday, one day..