Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ridhwan's new school!

Yup, Ridhwan has a new brain development class!! Well, we were going to Shichida all these years...I still can't believe that Ridhwan has been attending Shichida method since 6 months old and he is already 4 years old now! However, lately I noticed that Shichida was somewhat not suitable for Ridhwan anymore as the class was a bit too advance for see Shichida method is good, that I do agree, however, i noticed as the child gets to the age of able to write, they tend to have lots and lots of writting exercises in class which is actually good but for someone like Ridhwan, which have not learn to even grasp a pencil or pen that can be quite frustrating to the mother...yes, the mother is the one who gets frustrated...hehee...well, maybe Ridhwan too kan, its just that he never shows it after forcing my hubby to attend the Shichida class a few times and made him see for himself why I told him that I am now a bit 'tawar hati' with the class...he understood why I am frustrated....but then...yes the but....I just can't quit Shichida and not have a backup class for him...he stills need stimulation and interaction with other kids as it would be very beneficial for him....and as if Allah has answered my prayers, it so happened that one of his classmate's mother was starting up a new brain development center! As Shichida is from japan, this new class is from America...Sadly, I didn't have the chance to hear the founder from America gave a talk when she was here early this year..or was it last year...anyway, the wonderful mother, yes I like her a lot, such a sweet and gentle person and friendly too! Well, she told me all about the new centre and told me, if anytime I'd like to join it should I leave Shichida, just contact her and do come and visit the centre whenever I wish to. So, I decide first to look up in the internet this new place called Twiddle Wink....Its link is here ya Right Brain Education ...and this is a paper clipping of the Twiddle Wink centre being visited by our Prime Minister's wife, Datin Rosmah.

Anyway, I've only been to one class with Ridhwan at Tweedle Wink as he was down with chicken pox recently. But just by being in one class, I find that this class or centre is somewhat different from Shichida and is unique in its own way. For those mothers, who have been telling me that you are in the waiting list of Shichida or even been rejected, do try out Twiddle Wink as your 2nd choice as personally Shichida in some ways have helped Rdihwan a lot but maybe you could try with Shichida one year or two to get the ideas on how to do home practice and if you want new interesting brain development centre to enhance the child mentally and physically, yes, physically, one of the advantages and plus point that I see in Twiddle Wink is it's not just about seeing flashcards and playing games on the table, but there is trampoline time or rebounder as they call it there and even big ball time just like Ridhwan's physiotherapy at the hospital! Which is very good for normal or special needs child.

So, this weekend hopefully Ridhwan is going back to his class...after 3 weeks holiday...boohoo..sian Ridhwan every week asking "Class? ...class?"...and sometimes saying "Class time! class time!" but he was stuck at home....sian anak mama...anyway, looking forward for the next class! Lets "have fuuuun"! as Ridhwan would day ;)

Here are some pictures of our wonderful sensei Christy and us during her last day at Shichida...I do miss her a lot..she is such a great sensei to Ridhwan....

Ridhwan and his favourite Sensei Christy on her last day with Shichida Method at Centrepoint, P.J.

As usual, my dear son wriggling away when sitting on other people besides his mother and father and grandparents..aiseh Ridhwan....

Thank you for 3 wonderful Shichida years Christy, you have been a wonderful, patient and caring Sensei to Ridhwan. You're the best lah!