Monday, July 27, 2009

Neurosuit seminar and try out

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to go to a one day seminar to hear about this thing called Neurosuit...actually, there was an article about it in NST some time mom showed me the paper cutting she cut out and I just read with eagerness as it sounds so interesting as it originated from a suit being used by cosmonauts in Russia last time and it seems it is still being used by them now!, Ridhwan in a suit worn by cosmonauts!! (in the US they are called astronauts as well all are more familiar with) ...however, then I wondered if this special suit is from the states, then how much would it cost after times 3.6 or so like that, dah lah austronauts guna, I never bothered to ask the person responsbile to bring it into Malaysia, thinking it would probably cost a bomb!...untiiiil...yes, until dear Jia Kenn's mother called me up asking me if I'd like to know more about it and try it out if it is suitable for Ridhwan...and for that Pui Yen, I am so grateful that you made that call to me and the follow up with Fezia as it has been a wonderful experience and eye-opener for me last weekend...

Okay will talk more about this suit...for now I'll be posting pics only....and to know more about Neurosuit, you may google it up and find quite a few pics of it and their main website is ....I'll be back with more Neurosuit ya ;)

Ridhwan trying out the Neurosuit for the first time!