Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Ridhwan!!

How time flies so fast and the next thing you know your son is soon reaching the age of going to school..yikes..that's scarring me right now...anyway, Alhamdulillah, 2nd June 2009 Ridhwan is now 4 years many things have been endured by him throughout his 4 years of life and I pray that many good things will he be experiencing in years ahead, Insya-Allah...most of all, I pray so much to Allah for him to be a healthy child and lead a seizure free life one fine day..very soon hopefully my beatiful and wonderful son, I love you so much, there is not a day I ever regretted deciding to be a mother to a son like you, a wonderful boy and a joyous person as you are....Mama doa yang Allah sentiasa lindungi Ridhwan and semoga Ridhwan jadi anak yang soleh yang sihat dan berjaya di masa hadapan..lets show the world what a great man you'll be kay! ;)

Mama Ridhwan cutting the cake cause Ridhwan was crying away before that..

Oh, more pics to come soon..malas nak upload banyak2x malam nie...hubby just came back from overseas...bonding time for me, hubby and Ridhwan...heheehee... ;)


Jiey^Mien said...

Happy birthday Ridhwan!!

Auntie knows that you're one brave boy and you'll continue to surprise everyone with so many new skills..

It's an honor for me to get to know you, miracle of life!! =)

Mamapinkie said...

Thank you Jiey for the wish... :D