Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all mummies out there! And definitely grandma's too and great grandma's as well!...cause without these great women, there would not be great mummies out there!! Most of all, Happy Mother's Day to my own mama!!! dear mama that has sacrificed for me soooo much all these years and never have asked anything in return but a prayer from a solehah daughter...amin..insya-Allah...Anyway, Happy Mother's Day to me too! Haahaahaa...when I think back, I may not be the greatest mum out there but I think today I deserve a pat on the back for being a mama to Ridhwan with my weaknesses and some of my strength ...I think all mummies out there deserves a pat on the back and a great big hug for a great job done because going through 9 months of pregnancy and labour is a god given gift that only mothers will experience and can embrace it.... So mothers out there, wether you'll be celebrating this once a year day for us or may not even celebrate as if you don't exist at all cause you'd be too busy with house chores and daily tasks that today is just another Sunday to are a mother, you are blessed with a child...and so if no one remembers this day and especially those who remember this day...lets thank god that you have gotten through another year with its ups and downs in raising your child and pray that god will give you another wonderful year to endure with lots of happiness, fulfillment and love in raising your wonderful children out there! As for special mummies out there with special needs children always remember that god is with you, and despite your difficulties and hardships that you face each day, you are blessed as you are given the priviledge to be a mother which many women may not have the opportunity to experience at all ...and you know what? you are also very special.!.so love your special needs child endlessly, give her/him a huge hug today like you've never given them cause they deserve it and most of all you deserve it too special mummy...Happy Mother's Day!!


Jiey^Mien said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too Kak Reena!!

You're one strong mother and Ridhwan's story is so inspiring.. =)