Friday, May 08, 2009

Happy Full Moon Meera! (Loges' daughter)

On 26th March 2009, I received an sms from a dear friend that she has safely delivered a baby girl!! At last, after all the waiting and anxiousness, Loges finally welcomed her darling daughter into her world at Pantai Medical Centre. I nearly couldn't visit her that night as no one could take care of Ridhwan but thank god, my mom finally agreed to take care of Ridhwan and so around 8.30 pm ++ we drove to Pantai to visit the new mummy and daughter :D Welcome to the world Meera! When I looked at Meera that night, I was so touched and realised how I've forgotten how small a newborn is and how fragile and so adorable they are..made me wish I want another one soon...hehee..I was also so tempted to carry her but since she was so sound asleep amidst all our laughing and talking, such a good baby! So, I decided not to wake her up or scare the new mummy by waking up her daughter! Heheee....Anyway, it was really nice to see Loges and her daughter safe and sound while her hubby was photo catching all the way, sigh, we new parents tend to do that a lot kan! Hahhaa....

Anyway, on 25th April I had the priviledge to be invited to Meera Tioe's full moon party at Loges' hubby's home in PJ. So this time, Ridhwan had a chance to visit the new baby too! It was a good experience too cause Ridhwan has not been around babies that often and so this would be a good experience for him for future siblings? Hmm..hehhee...So, these are some pictures of the proud mummy and us. We were so darn early that Loges just reached the house when we got there...sorry ah Loges....Oh and some of the pics are a bit blur...still trying to play around with the dslr...tricky camera enjoy the pics and once again, congrat to Loges and welcome to the mummies club!!

Introducing baby Meera Tioe!

Mummy Loges and her baby girl

Mama Reenaz and Ridhwan pun nak posing jugak..hehee

Ridhwan getting a bit agitated so ayah had to carry him for awhile

Proud grandparent and parents with one month old baby girl...awww....

Picture of me and newborn baby and new mummy on 26th March digital frame...would love one of this in my house one day..hint..hint hubby...

With Belin and Juan...they too came early to see the baby :D

Me, Ridhwan, Belinda and Loges