Saturday, August 02, 2008

Beading galore...

Recently I have taken interest on a new hobby called beading...I was always fascinated with bracelets...even dear hubby bought a few bracelets for me long time ago made out of chip gemstones and glass beads. Ever since then I've always like buying bracelets such as those. However, recently a dear friend, Belinda introduced me to her passion of beading and I have even bought a few from her and was lucky enough to get one free on my birthday! Thanks Belin!

Ever since that, my interest and curiosity on beading build up like mad! Being a mother who gives her fulltime to her son's need limits her time to go out and shop around for bead shops...and to her sadness too...some of the bead shops that Belin mentions does not open on Sunday..which is the one full day that I could drag my hubby to drive me around...out of Shah Alam!

So, lucky me, recently as I was aimlessly surfing on the internet, I came across a beading shop website that sells beads ..and it is based in Malaysia! And even better was based in KL! Being an ardent fan of online shopping these days..thanks to my scrapbooking hobby these days...I decided to check out the website and try to buy some beads to see how fast they deliver...well, it was fast! And there starts another hobby! Woohoo!!

Actually, the interest started a few years back when I went back to Ipoh, my hubby's hometown where my sis-in law and I came across a beading shop..but at that time, all I could think of was doing wooden beads and I was still doing my masters..and so the hobby was actually left in the cupboard to catch dust! Hahaha...

Well, so much for that, now I can finally start doing it more with tools that dear hubby has so kindly acquired even without asking...and he even bought a 'tool box' which again, I never asked him to buy for me! Saaayang abang!! start on my new hobby which for now is more for self-satisfaction and pleasure...but then again, who knows, could I try it out as a business??...hmm, we'll see ;o)

My first bracelet..using new and old beads...some cheap ones...some swarovski

In a little pouch where I keep all my bracelets

The 'tool box' hubby bought especially for me!!

Some of my beads, swarovski and wooden beads...

Another angle of the 'tool box'


erdy said...

:D chomelnye biji-bijian itu.... Lepas ni boleh lah jual dkt etsy, kareenaz :D. oh btw.. saye dh tukar blog tau. it's here currently:

Mamapinkie said...

hehee...thanks adi...nie untuk sendiri dulu..tengoklah ada modal ke nanti leh jual ke kan....okie me update ur blog already....muacks!!