Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ridhwan and the standing frame

Last Tuesday, we had our weekly physiotherapy session with Sarjit at SJMC. As usual we'd reach there earlier so we can get good parking and also I had to eat breakfast first as it was so embarassing that my tummy was grumbling away in one of the previous physio session with Sarjit. Either she didn't hear it or just ignored. Heehee...Nevertheless, I myself can't help her much with physio if I was darn hungry before the session...hehe..and so MUST have breakfast before the session. Besides, with all the rushing and packing and feeding before going for our weekly physio, I usually end up not even drinking any water not even plain water whenever I reached the physio department. So, breakfast for mama before Ridhwan's physio..heheee

Anyway, as usually Ridhwan would be greeted by the ever friendly therapist at the physiotherapy department...did u know, that there are many types of therapy, i mean occupational, physio, speech, vision and so forth...and all this while I've only heard of physio only...well, back to the story, as usual I'd be pushing Ridhwan to the paeds therapy room which is sound proofed to ensure that the child does not get distracted during the session. Trust me, Ridhwan heard other children voices once when the door was left open for awhile, he just couldn't be bothered to listen to what Sarjit asked him to do...hehee..then again, he usually doesn't want to listen to what Sarjit asked pun...hahaha...oh well, wonderful child he is....

well, this time, or actually this was the 3rd time, Ridhwan was placed on the standing frame to help him strengthen his legs and also to stimulate his senses especially on the see, Ridhwan is still unable to stand properly and he is already 19 months old which is one year and 7 months...and so, unlike other children or toddlers his age, he should be able to stand right now and running around wildly learning that he has a pair of legs to move around...but he doesn't...and its okay cause he is of course very special ;o) However, I realise that he did enjoy the standing frame a lot and was not crying or in any pain which is very good as Sarjit mentioned that different children may react differently and may even hate the standing frame...but alhamdulillah, Ridhwan loves it and realise a whole new view for him to explore..sian anak mama, dia nak sangat duduk and diri and move around tapi tak terdaya lagi yea...takpa ridhwan, kita usaha sama2x nanti insya-Allah Ridhwan akan reach your milestones gak you...mama akan doa banyak2x to fulfill your dreams tu, insya-Allah....

And so the standing frame would be used in our weekly therapy where the amount of time given to Ridhwan to stand using the standing frame would be increased initially, it has been 10 minutes and that is actually very good progress as I am told! Alhamdulillah...

However, then there is the issue of, maybe he should use it everyday! Aiyaak...yup, it means we would probably need to purchase it and place it at home so he may have the opportunity of doing the therapy everyday instead of once a week only at SJMC...then there is the issue of the price! Fiuh....but so far, we've asked our ever sweet dear rehab Dr. and alhamdulillah the frame is still affordable, Insya-Allah...but I am slowly seeing the trend that we may need to purchase other equipments as ridhwan gets older and depends on his progress...and that sorts of making me scared as currently I'm enjoying my leisure time at home taking care of ridhwan..

Though the real truth is...I love staying at home and the truth is, I would rather sacrifice my career and time for Ridhwan as the joy of staying at home and being a housewife is not that bad..well, not yet kot cause still staying with parents and they have a servant kan..hehee..but then again, I always felt that Ridhwan needs me more and yes, we do need the money...but insya-Allah I always doa and feel that rezeki tu akan datang jugak, and ada nanti and slowly we will ikhtiar somehow no matter what...and right now, what's important is that I am there for ridhwan and I am doing what I should be doing for my special needs son...and insya-Allah ada nanti rezeki tu nanti, pray that Ridhwan selalu murah rezeki and that he will stand soon when he starts using the standing frame everyday ya!

Tengah nak pakai kan velcro yang sungguh banyak

Sarjit placing the velcro at all appropriate places

Okay, Ridhwan is standing! Yippee!!

Yea! Yea! I can play with the tambourine! ..Apa lah yang Sarjit tak puas hati tu...hehee

This is how the standing frame and its accompanying table looks like side view...the orange crab is from IKEA and its one of Ridhwan's favourite toys ;o)