Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Kasih sayang ...

I remember listening to this song in the car with my hubby and I after Shichida class...I never really listened to the lyrics before, but I knew it was written by arwah Zairi in Raihan...but that day when I actually listened to the lyrics, I actually cried...the song is very simple and yet the lyrics is very meaningful...I don't know why I actually cried but I guess after all that has happened to me the songs really made sense to me... so I dedicate this song to all my friends out there with the message, love one another, forgive one another and most of all love the almighty endlessly...wallahualam..

Kasih Sayang
by Raihan

Kasih sayang itu titi
Kasih sayang penghubung hati
Kasih sayang itu tali
Kasih sayang pengikat diri

Dari kasih timbul simpati
Dengan sayang ada persaudaraan
Kerana kasih ingin berbakti
Saling sayang ma'af mema'afkan

Kasih sayang itu baja
Kasih sayang penyubur jiwa
Kasih sayang itu penawar
Penguat cinta penghapus duka

Kasih manusia sering bermusim
Sayang manusia tiada abadi
Kasih TUHAN tiada bertepi
Sayang TUHAN janji-NYA pasti

Tanpa kasih sayang TUHAN
Tiada simpati tiada persaudaraan
Tanpa kasih sayang TUHAN
Tiada bakti tiada kema'afan

Kasih sayang pada semua
Kasih sayang sesama kita
Kasih sayang oooo dunia
Moga selamat di Akhirat sana


MissionPeace said...

salam, is this the translation for this nasheed ? I am not sure but i like raihan and their nasheeds a lot mashallah

just giving once

just giving once
but you telling everyone you meet
just giving once
you always talking about it
just giving once
act as doing good thing is your habit
just giving once
everybody has known what you did

when you give with your righ hand
don't let even your left hand know
the good thing that you did

when giving something
don't tell no one
when giving something
keep that with you
when giving something
just you and Allah
who know the good thing that you did