Sunday, March 13, 2011

My baby boy...and other stories to tell...

Gosh, how time flies so fast and I have been soooooo lazy to update, even surfing other blogs or updating facebook or even checking mails is something I rarely do these days..yes, one child you can still do other things but when you have two! Oh, no joke man, it so happen I woke up quite early today and felt 'rajin' that I decided to update my blog which I've left for months already...Now that I have Ridhwan AND Ashraf, I slowly notice that I have less free time for myself..especially in the mornings....I think also maybe cause I am not working that my time is taken taking care of them and most of all ENTERTAINING them! hahhaaa..oh well, that's the joy of being a mother ya ;) No one can beat this job!

Anyway, my darling baby boy Muhammad Ashraf is 5 months already! Gosh, time does fly really fast these days...and as it is I am cracking my head again what games I should start with Ashraf as I did with Ridhwan during his Shichida days. Even Dr. Sofiah also told me to apply what I have learned before in Shichida to Ashraf. Insya-Allah ya Ashraf, mama do the games and activities that I learned before and umm..try to recall what they were too!! The mind has been a bit blur lah these days..maybe cause its more of do, do and do activity with me without much thinking....

Well, enough said, I plan..yes plan...plan to update a lot in the next few...days? weeks? months? god knows when i'll next update but as requested by some of my friends, I will try to update about Ridhwan and Ashraf...and maybe about me too...hehee...but so far, It'll be about Ridhwan's progress in WQ Park, alhamdulillah he is doing well...then there was the one time show of Wanita Hari Ini in WQ Park! ;) ridhwan was the star in it! wohooo! ....oh of course Ashraf's birth....and then there is my craze with korean dramas and songs lak lately...sigh, heehee...and so forth updates of our will try my best to update ya ;) For now, I'll post some pics of ashraf and ridhwan here....see ya all again soon!

My darling baby boy Ashraf...mmmuaacckkss!!

My number one hero, Ridhwan dear...mmmuaackkksss too!!


Yasmin Nabilah.. said...

waaaa...dah besar dah adik ridhwan.. :)

Haah la kak..Ridhwan femes skrg nih..semua dok tanya ttg WQ Park dan Ridhwan.. :) Cayalah Ridhwan.. :)