Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ramadhan Mubarak!

Ahlan Wa Sahlan Ya Ramadhan!! Can't believe it is already one year ago i met Ramadhan and now the Holy Month has come again and how I am very much looking forward to it this year, Insya-Allah...last Ramadhan was quite a challenge for me as Ridhwan had his fits again and it was at it worst..still remember me worrying every minute about his fits coming and going at that time...but as in the Quran "Verily, with hardships come relief..." and I so believe in relief was seen soon after that in the form of his progress....

Anyway, may this Ramadhan be more fruitful, blessed and filled with lots of Ibadah to get the blessings of Allah..amin..Insya-Allah...I hope this year too I will get to perform tarawikh congregation sometimes too as most of the time I have been doing at home only ever since having they say, we plan but Allah decides what is best for us kan...wallahualam...

To all family, friends and muslims out there, may this Ramadhan be a blessed Ramadhan for all of you this year and may all our ibadah be accepted by the Almighty..amin..Insya-Allah...WELCOME RAMADHAN!! WELCOME!


Lightnur said...

Assalamualaikum sister Reenz,

Ramadhan Kareem to you. May Allah accept our ibadah during this blessed month, ameen.

Salam Ramadhan