Friday, May 16, 2008

Chery's Wedding - Saturday, 10th May 2008

Last weekend, I attended my good friend's wedding at Nikko Hotel, KL. The hall was really nicely decorated and I enjoyed the live musicians playing the violins and...I can't seem to remember the other musical instrument, heehee. Anyway, it was a lovely wedding and a good time with old friends. Though, I was quite sad that I couldn't attend the wedding with me hubby as he just came back from Bintulu on Friday and was down with fever plus diarrhea...the poor darling...Ridhwan too was having runny nose at that time, so I was worried leaving those two together even though my mom is around. But even if my mom is around, most of the time it would be my hubby taking care of Ridhwan. But Alhamdulillah, they both somehow managed without me around. But Ridhwan was definitely missing me, as he asked my mom "mama? mama?" and my mom said "Mama went out.." and he said " Come back! Come back.." Huwaaa!!!...oh Ridhwan my son, u missed me yea?! Sob...sob....but when I came home, I quickly kissed his forehead while he was sleeping away beautifully in his cot...saaayang Ridhwan....

Anyway, luckily, my dear good friend, Iela was kind enough to give me a lift to the wedding at Nikko Hotel that night. Thanks yea Iela and Aqus! It was so nice to see little Amirul all grown up. We must get together with the whole family next time ya! Insya-Allah...
The journey to Nikko Hotel was nice for me as it was a time to update myself and Iela on our current life and happenings. It also made me miss hubby and Ridhwan very much at that time. As soon as I reached the hotel, I rushed with Loges to see the bride while she was made up at her room. She looked resplendent! Then after that, I rushed down for maghrib prayers and head to the hall. The hall was lovely! Luckily, I was placed with other good friends Belinda, Loges and Aliza with their other halves, so I was not entirely that lonely that night. But I have to admit, it was pretty sad for me when they started playing romantic songs when the bride and groom came into the hall and when they showed the church wedding pictures held during the day. I missed my hubby that time!! Huwaa...oh well, that shows how rarely I attend a wedding or any dinner event all by myself these days.

However, It was really nice to meet my other ex-classmates from secondary school and some very good friends, which I have not seen nearly 14 years and some that I have lost contact past few years...but as they say, friendship is a wonderful thing and you never forget good friends, and seeing some of the gals, like Iela and Ija really brought back wonderful memories during our years in secondary school and how much I miss their company a lot. So, it was really nice to see them again after all these years. I also enjoyed the company of Patrick and his wife Allison. Despite meeting them only a few times, they are such a nice couple and I had fun laughing and talking to them. So, all in all, it was a lovely wedding and I had a nice time eating chinese food! Was really good, I was surprise that I was quite full cause I've attended a few chinese dinner before and was always hungry afterwards. Heehee...yes, despite being many course... So, Nikko's food was really really good! Heheee...

Well, here are some of the pictures at the wedding. To chery, congratulations dear! I'm very happy that you have finally found your one true love. May happiness be with both of you always and your journey is about to begin, so be a good wife and have a wonderful life together! Congrats again!!

The bride and groom

The very tall wedding cake!

I just loved the deco at the main table!

At the back from left: Loges, Belinda, Allison (Patrick's wife)
In front from left: Fui Ping(Chery's ex-HP colleague), Aliza, Me

Us and the beautiful bride!

The Yam Seng event!

From left: Abrizah, Iela, Me, Ija and Belinda