Sunday, August 05, 2007

long lost sunway mate...

For a mother who occupies herself with her child's need so much instead of hers these days, it feels so good to meet a friend which I've not met in years....How funny that I would meet her after all these years at SJMC when Ridhwan was having his physiotherapy...and Allah work in such wonders that it so happened I had to make a phone call and so stepped out of the physio department trying to make a call and she caught a glance of me while wanting to cross over the bridge..and there you were!...and the best part about meeting her was the fact that even though we've not met or talked face to face for such a long time, we just knew about each other and was asking about a lot of things about our lives, as if we've just met a few days or weeks ago....which we actually only know from reading each other blogs! ironic these blogs we have is actually quite great and cool, cause even if your a cyberspace away, you get to catch up on your friends even if you don't actually meet them or even 'tegur' them in their blog cause you know, no matter where you are or what you are doing, your friend thinks about you, wishes you well and pray for you at times when you are in to dear Izreen, it was really great to see dear! Hope your wrist is much better now...and yes, it was really nice to see you again after all this years...take care dear! and kisses to your cute tomel-ion! ;o)..oh and let her cry, really, its good for her lungs, gets more oxygen to the brain and also, its good to know that she can show her emotions well and have a great cry to cry her lungs i know how this phrase came about ya...hehee


izreen fara said...

HI Naz!! It was brilliant catching up with you and your li'il boy! Insyallah, we'll bump into each other more often ya?
Take care and hugs from me and my family!