Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Reading room

I've been watching the advert on hallmark channel about a movie called 'Reading Room' for some time now. Was wondering when was it going to be aired on but didn't really bother to see the date and time. However, after watching my fave show Desperate Housewives just now, as usual when hubby is away, TV seems the be the next best thing and friend to be with, I quickly used my oh so skillfull fore finger to start changing channels on the remote control and ended up at the Hallmark channel. Then I said, ooh, its that show they've been advertising lately. And I ended up hooked on it, but like the movie titled 'Tuesday's with Morrie' which I never watched the ending, bought the book though and plan to read it soon, here I am blogging away instead of watching the show until the end.

What touched me in the movie, was about the people, all ages, but mostly teenagers in this movie, and their difficulties in reading. It made me wonder a lot about Ridhwan and that made me shed a tear or actually a few tears...why? Well, when you have a special needs child, you somehow take a bit more effort to learn about disabilities and its effects, especially children cause you have one on your own. Since going to Nury itself, it made me see different children with different needs and disabilities too. That made me thought, ya Allah, how thankful I am to have eyes to see, eyes to read, and a mouth to make sounds that turns out to words and then to sentences and eventually to a language that not only I can understand but others around me too. And then I thought, how we seem to take, or more accurately, I seem to have taken all these most important 5 senses for granted when there are people out there who may never have all 5 of them or are struggling to achieve to master the 5 senses. And for that, it definitely made me think of my son Ridhwan....

I've always heard about SATs in the USA and it seems to be quite an important test, probably equivalent to SPM over here in Malaysia. But one interesting thing in the movie that I learned was that there was such a thing as an untime test where the children or teenagers could to their SATs or other tests I presume, at an untime period, meaning until they can complete it. These applies to people who have dyslexia and so forth. Gosh, how can I be so ignorant I thought. That gave me a thought, do they have that here? I guess they would as recently, a partially or fully blind gal scored her STPM and that shows despite her disabilities, she actually is an intelligent young girl who just have the disability of not having a good eyesight which we, so called normal people may have always taken it for granted...and that brought me to even more tears...and that made me thought even more about Ridhwan as I realise, how it is my sole duty to educate my son, and give him the chance to have the best education and most importantly..teach him the beauty and excitement of learn how to read....ya Allah, give me strentgh to be able to read more so I may help my son as much as I can...give me strength and commitment and consistency to be there for my son as much as possible, to educate him, stimulate him and not one day, to complain of exhaustion and tiredness, as he demands, he requires and he deserves the best education and most of all...he deserves to know and understand how to read...wallahualam....


etile said...

kak reenaz,

the reading room movie was very touching, and i loved the movie! it inspire us not to give up easily, and there is no such dead end road. always ade alternative way to achieve something.

by the way, keep your spirit up.