Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Esok convo! Woohoo!

Can't believe it, the day I have been waiting for all this while has finally, not my wedding day, that was nearly 4 years ago nearly 4 years yea..anyway, its my convocation!! masters degree, and to think that I used to envy some of my friends who have their masters already or ex-colleagues who had them..and now, alhamdulillah its my turn! Its really mine at last! Heehee...

Though, the biggest highlight for me tomorrow would be receiving my scroll from the newly elected agung! Waaah! It seems UiTM's chancellor is the Agung and it so happens that I am receiving it from the newly elected Sultan Terengganu who is now the new Agung. Partly I must say I'm excited about it but part of me says "great, here goes the tedious and long boring ceremony that I have to endure.." ..Hehe! Yes, I just hate these protocols. Can't we just get down to business!! But oh well, not everyday you get to see the Agung right and a new one pulak tu. So, I should be enjoying myself there tomorrow, Insya-Allah.

But the most special highlight of the day is when I take a photo of myself with my son, as if it is not beacuse of him I might not even be having a convo as I'd have quited long time ago...So, this convocation and mama's scroll is especially dedicated for you Ridhwan! Your strength, your patience have made me decide to complete my masters and alhamdulillah with flying colours too...if it wasn't to show and prove to Ridhwan that at times of hardship we must be patience and do our best and most of all complete what you have stared..I would have not finished this Msc at, darling Ridhwan, this is for you!!

So, tomorrow by 8 am I'll be at Dewan Sri Budiman, UiTM waiting for my turn to go up to the stage to receive my scroll from the Agung. Hopefully it'll be a good day and what better way to celebrate the convo with my parents, my dearest hubby and darling son. Yea! Yea! Esok convo...