Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Lots and lots of equipments!!

What equipments? Ridhwan's 'toys' as I call it is gonna put a dent in our savings but every penny of it is worth it as its for Ridhwan's development, all in all with the standing frame, corner chair, AFO and wedge it will be amounted to around more than 2K! Yikes, yup, that's how much all those things will cost and THAT is considered cheap mind you...so for that, my hubby and I have decided that we will put on hold any renovation or moving out to our new house as money is quite tight for us at the moment. Besides, money spend on ridhwan and his development is much more important. We thought that we could use the saving for the house as much as we could but slowly I do see the trend that as times goes by Ridhwan would need certain equipments as to speed up his development and that is very important for him. Also, there will be a new centre that we plan to go to which hopefully will help Ridhwan to speed up his development further, insya-Allah...tapi tu lah yea, kita merancang Allah yang menentukannya kan...like for example, my hubby and I planned to move into our new house and make it into a weekend home as a get away once in a while kan or actually every weekend but for now it doesn't seem that feasible...maybe not these few months maybe..but kita tak tahu kan, sometimes fate has a twist and maybe my hubby will win some cash competition or something!! hahaha..ya right, anyway, this is where I am thankful that I have learned the hard way or easy way, not so sure about this, but learn to be thankful with what I have and that include money..hehe..

When I first quit my job I must admit I was worried about not getting a monthly salary in my bank...I was even thinking, what I am going to do with no money to even buy a magazine..hehe...ke situ I fikir yea...but actually kan, its not too bad with no monthly income cause it really teaches you to be thrifty and that teaches me the value of being grateful with what you have...as a woman, you know you tend to love shopping, hehee...or is it me alone, no its not just me, its woman's nature to love shopping and spend...which sometimes is good but mostly bad if you tend to splurge on things you don't really need...also, I admit, once, I did envy friends who are working who seems to have no worries at all to spend on lots of things during sales or at any time especially those who are not married yet or have children..but then i realised that I don't really need and want those things that they have or buy them, as I am happy with what I have and that again goes back to the teaching of Islam that says bersyukur dengan apa yang ada and hidup dalam kesederhanaan...which is soooo true....sometimes you tend to think twice again when questions are raised asking how are you going to juggle savings when hubby is the only breadwinner in the family and there are so much things the money needs to be used for especially in the case of Ridhwan and a new house...but then I believe that it would be okay, alhamdulillah my mom survived not working and was living on my dad's money alone and we all turned out fine alhamdulillah..and also, I believe in rezeki, kalau ada rezeki tak akan ke mana, rezeki ridhwan has been very murah lately and I am thankful to Allah for that. As much as I crack my head thinking that there are a lot of money need to be used for ridhwan's development but it's so worth it as it is for my son and right now my son is more important than any career or money. I also realised that there will never be a time when you will say that money is enough already, and you'll actually keep wanting more of it...when you have reached that amount of salary you thought would be enough, you'd say I still want more, so I'll work for it, then, when you have achieved it, you tell yourself again, no, i still need more, it's still not enough...then the cycle will continue again and again and you will feel that the money will never be enough....and so once, I was actually thinking it that way..but when you decide, whatever you already have is actually enough, it may be not much but truthfully we're very okay and happy, then you see that being thankful with what you have and making the best of what you have makes you happier and more content...that, I must thank my mom for making me see that money may never be enough but its how you manage it and use it for good use that makes you thankful for everything that is with you...thank you mama...I guess that's why we always see on TV that there are families with large number of children but not exactly rich but very happy and children are all doing well too...that's where syukur comes in kan...

With that also, I truly see now how some women have devoted their time and effort for their special needs child as they believe that the one person that can help the child realise their dream especially in their condition is their mother...and as glenn doman wrote in his book, the oldest and most honorable profession in the world is mothering..and interesting enough, he wrote, professional mothers are fulltime mothers who approach their work with the same passion and dedication that other top-flight professionals devote to being engineers, doctors, lawyers and so forth. Hmm....in this new era and modern world, not many people see this anymore and with the state of living now, Its often that we see that women tend to go out and work but slowly after reading doman's book, I see again why mother's in the old days stayed at home more and nurture their children themselves...so i hope I'll be able to do that Insya-Allah and be the best mother to Ridhwan, insya-Allah...

So to all housewife mother's out there, you guys are the greatest and to all working mothers out there, i salute you for juggling a career and motherhood together...and so mummies, i give you a biiiig hug for being a wonderful mother you are! Hugs!!!