Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Backyardigans!!

I just love this show! So what if my son isn't really watching this show but I am instead...hehee..yes, when Ridhwan's eye sight was sort of deteriorating a few months ago(alhamdulillah his eye sight is much better now), all we could do was put the volume on for this program and hope Ridhwan will enjoy the songs and voices of the ever so cute little animals...hehee... However, as time goes by I started falling in love with this show! It's so cute and I really enjoy them dancing away to the songs...haahaa...there are basically 5 characters named, Tyrone, Uniqua, Tasha, Austin and Pablo. All of them have such lovely voices and they sing in such harmony that you can't help loving the songs and dance moves. Yes, to me, the dance moves that caught my attention intially. The animators are really superb as they are able to capture and show the real dance movement of how an adult or a child would move while dancing to the songs. Some of the songs in the shows are from familiar songs but its the lyrics and the cute phrases that they have changed in the songs that makes it even catchy...hehee.. All in all, the backyardigans is a must see for all the toddlers out there and for non-working mummy who wants to have a good laugh and hear funny songs with cute and adorable voice with your child, The Backyardigans is definitely for you! Oh, and not forgetting Spongebob Squarepants too! Hehehe...hardy, harr, harr, harrr.....